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Ancient Egyptian style makeup
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Ancient Egyptian makeup still inspires makeup styles today around the world. The ancient Egyptians were known for their regal appearance, especially in relation to their hair and makeup, and that same look can easily be captured in modern makeup looks today. This is an ideal makeup style to wear with an Egyptian costume or for a fun night out.

Creating Ancient Eglyptian Makeup Looks

If you want to capture the timeless and breathtaking ancient Egyptian style, you can start with the steps below for your face, eyes, and lips to create a basic look and then use your creativity to enhance it.

Face Makeup

In ancient Egyptian times, pale skin was not the norm. The Egyptian people had skin tones that ranged from light olive to deep brown. Exposure to the sun darkened the skin easily, so makeup had to match. Copy this ancient makeup look by using a foundation that is slightly darker than your normal makeup. Alternatively, you may wish to dust your regular foundation application with a bronzing powder.

  1. Swirl the powder on with a large brush, starting at the forehead.
  2. Apply the powder, touching the temples slightly.
  3. Touch the brush to your cheeks, across your nose and your chin.
  4. Blend the bronzer into your jaw and neck to give your skin a smooth look.
  5. If wearing shorts or a skirt, apply a bronzing cream or self tanning lotion to your legs to get a good color match.

Eye Makeup

ancient egyptian look

Eye make up starts with a light overshadow in gold or copper and then the eyes are lined for a dark cat-eye look. Follow these steps for this look.

  1. Brush your eyebrows upward and outwards with an eyebrow brush.
  2. Darken light eyebrows with a dark brow pencil. Fill out skimpy eyebrows and give them a nice shape.
  3. Apply a shimmery overshadow to the entire eyelid going from under the brow bone to the top of the lash line.
  4. Warm the tip of the eyeliner by placing it between your clean thumb and forefinger for a few seconds.
  5. Line the top of the eye by drawing on a line starting from the inner corner to the outer corner. Make the line extend out about 1/2 inch.
  6. Draw a line under the eye beginning at the inner eye and lining outward.
  7. Combine the two lines at the outer edge of the eye.
  8. Darken the lines by reapplying a second coat of eyeliner.
  9. Apply mascara but do not overpower the eyeliner. The eyeliner is the star of this look.

If you have oily skin or suspect that you may sweat wearing this eye look, use a liquid or waterproof eyeliner.

One of the most striking things about an ancient Egyptian look is the eye makeup. Eye makeup is vivid, dark and the most noticeable part of the ensemble. Don't be afraid to be heavy handed when applying this unique makeup look.

Lip Makeup

The Egyptians were famous for painting their lips. Keep this part of the look simple.

  1. Line the lips with a berry or red lip liner. Line the top first, then the bottom.
  2. Paint on your lipstick, staying in the lines you have drawn.
  3. Touch the lips with a clear gloss. The ancients used gloss daily.

Modern Cosmetics for an Egyptian Look

For those looking to take a step back in time to the natural beauty style of the Egyptians, you not only need to know how to create these looks but you also need the right types of products. The following products are perfect ancient Egyptian cosmetics for creating your look.

  • Kohl pencils: Kohl pencils are a soft and smudgy ancient beauty staple. MAC Cosmetic's Rosemary and Thyme is a goddess-like shade that works on most skin tones without being too harsh.
  • Indian Earth Powder, a famous 70s makeup product is still available in its cute clay pot, promising an Egyptian glow for all that wear it.
  • Cheek and lip stains: Cheek and lip stains work double duty and last much longer than their powdered ancestors. Roll on a berry stain for a fruity pout.
  • Olive oil cleansers: For glowing and dewy skin, check out an olive oil based cleanser such as Laventine organic skincare.
  • Bronzers: Bronzer blushes and powders will have you shining like a Bronze Goddess in no time.
  • Glitter powder: Sparkle a bit of glimmer dust on your chest and shoulders for a sexy shimmer.
  • Self tanner: Flaunt golden skin without the damaging effects of the sun with the help of a self tanner. Jergen's Daily Glow Moisturizing Lotion gradually tints skin at a believable rate.
  • Nail polish: For a mod swing on an ancient goddess look, keep nails short, trim, and coated with two shiny coats of Opi's fabulous Suzie Says DA! decadent chocolate brown polish.
  • Henna: Henna art is a unique and timeless way to adorn the skin in intricate, temporary designs. Henna art stencils can help you create a sexy design that is unique and entirely you.

Your Egyptian Look

Modern makeup and ancient Egyptian makeup are not as different as one might expect. The lining of the eyes and brightening of the lips are as much a part of makeup application today as they were then. Don't be afraid to try this mysterious, ancient look for yourself.

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