Xeryus Rouge Gift Set

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

A Xeryus Rouge gift set from Givenchy offers a unique fragrance for the discerning man.

Xeryus Rouge History

Givenchy released its Xeryus in 1986, and this became a popular men's perfume. The scent is classic and versatile, with woodsy base and versatile enough for casual and every day wear as well as evenings out. The original Xeryus does not have a sweet scent, but is considered a dry perfume - and one with excellent staying power. Building on the popular original, Givenchy released Xeryus rouge in 1995. This fragrance is a unique blend of spicy and fresh scents, with diverse notes including:

  • Kumquat
  • Cactus flesh
  • Tarragon
  • Cedar Leaf
  • Red Pepper
  • African Geranium
  • Sandalwood
  • Cedar

The rouge is also considered to have excellent staying power and is a modern counterpart to its inspiration. The perfumer of this rich and vibrant men's fragrance scent is Annick Menardo, and the designer of the bold red bottle and packaging is Pierre Dinand.

Buying a Xeryus Rouge Gift Set

Givenchy has long been a name associated with luxury quality since its 1952 inception, and is known for excellent perfumes, including the elegant women's perfume L'Interdit, which was designed for Audrey Hepburn. For a man who enjoys designed fragrances, the Givenchy name promises luxury quality and to wear well. Buying a Givenchy gift set is a thoughtful gift for a cologne-craving man with good taste, and can be a wonderful gift for the holidays, a birthday, or just because.

Due to the vibrant nature of the perfume, including rich, woodsy, and sweet scents, it is often described as a romantic scent and can be a very appropriate gift for Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, anniversaries and other romantic occasions.

For a woman planning a purchase of a Xeryus Rouge gift, it's important to consider the types of colognes the recipient normally wears. If a man usually wears very subtle, clean and dry scents, Xeryus Rouge may not be the scent for him. However, if the recipient likes deeper, more exotic scents, or is adventurous or at least willing to try something new when it comes to fragrances, it may be the perfect choice.

About the Sets

Givenchy's Xeryus Rouge is available in additional fragrance and body care products n addition to the cologne. There are also two different sets to choose from that include more than one item in the distinctive spicy, woodsy Xeryus Rouge scent.

One type of gift set includes several items for men:

  • A smaller version of the original size cologne spray - an Eau de Toilette spray of five milliliter.
  • Bath and shower gel combination in twenty five milliliter size.
  • Moisturizing after shave in twenty five milliliter size.

This set would be ideal for a man who travels frequently and who would appreciate the convenience of the smaller size fragrance and care products. This would also be a great gift for the man who likes to have body care products with matching scents to get a rich, full effect from the fragrance.

Another type of gift set available fro Xeryus Rouge includes:

  • A 3.3 ounce after shave
  • A 3.3 ounce Eau de Toilette spray

This would be an excellent choice for the man who enjoys scented after shave and cologne. This larger size would also be an excellent choice for a man who has previously owned or likes the Rouge scent, or who enjoys richer, more intense colognes.

Although Xeryus Rouge has been discontinued by Givenchy, many perfume retailers still sell the products. Both of the above sets can be purchased at Perfume Country.

Creating Your Own Gift Set

You can create your own perfume gift set by selecting one or more Xeryus Rouge products and adding additional items. Consider an item like a dresser valet in masculine style or a designer travel case to place the items in. First, select the type of Xeryus Rouge from among:

  • 3.3 Ounce Xeryus Rouge Eau de Toilette spray
  • 1.7 Ounce Xeryus Rouge Eau de Toilette spray
  • 3.3 Ounce Xeryus Rouge After Shave

You may also want to consider creating a set with the original Xeryus and the Xeryus Rouge, giving him a choice of the more classic scent for every day and the more exotic scent for evenings.

Then consider other items to place in the container for the gift set. Personal care or travel care items can work well with the gift, or create a romantic gift set with a scented candle, favorite DVD, and a bottle of wine or specialty liquor of his preference.

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You can purchase individual Xeryus and Xeryus Rouge products at:

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