Wolf Makeup

Achieve this sexy Halloween look with the right tools!

Designing your own wolf makeup is a fun and creative way to add flair to your next Halloween costume!

Wolf Makeup Tools and Necessities

Creating wolf makeup to go with your Halloween costume is simple, since many of the components are found in your regular cosmetics stash. Further items can be purchased at your local drugstore for a reasonable price, giving you the opportunity to create a unique look without a lot of hassle or expense.

Things You'll Need

To successfully design a wolf face, you will the following:

1. White face paint (can be found in grocery and drugstores in the fall)

2. Brown face paint (you can also use a foundation darker than your skin tone)

3. Black eyeliner

4. Mascara or false eyelashes

5. Eye Shadow (dark and light iridescent shades)

6. Red lipstick

7. Blush

Creating Your Look

Start by covering your neck, ears, and face with the brown face paint or dark cosmetic base. An oil-free foundation is preferred as it will not clog up your pores or risk skin damage as some cheaply made theatrical face paints have the potential of doing. Select a base 3-4 times darker than your usual shade, so you can achieve the same effect as face paint while contributing to the health of your skin. After you have covered the skin areas you would like to be incorporated into the wolf motif, you can begin to apply the rest of your ingredients.

  • Find some photos of actual wolves or other wolf makeup creations at your local library. Take some time to observe the contours of the face and variations in fur color.
  • Using your white face paint, draw faint "streaks" and blend in key areas such as the cheeks, chin line, and eyebrows.
  • Fill in the white paint with the black eyeliner
  • Line your upper and lower lids with the black eyeliner (liquid works best if you have it)
  • Apply heavy mascara or glue on false eyelashes
  • Apply the blush to the tip of your nose to make it rosy and more animal-like.

Final Enhancements

Some people want their wolf makeup to look even more realistic, so they add finishing accentuations. This can include a myriad of items, most of which can be purchased at a costume or Halloween supply shop. Some choices are:

  • false teeth
  • fake blood to put around corners of mouth
  • pieces of false fur applied with gum paste
  • prosthetic claws or fake nails
  • temporary spray-on hair color
  • special contact lenses (try on a pair of non-prescription yellow or piercing blue)

Extra Guidance

If you don't have a steady hand or are just plain intimidated by the idea of creating such a complex look, wolf makeup kits are often available at Halloween stores. These kits include all of the basic face paints you will need along with templates or picture examples. Easy enough for children to use, you will be pleased with the results of these handy kits.


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