Wholesale Women's Fragrance

Save money and smell great!

Prepare to save a ton on wholesale women's fragrances-especially if you look online. Find the fragrances you love, from yesterday or today, at the low prices that will allow you to stock up on your signature scent (or try a couple of new ones!).

Buy Wholesale Women's Fragrances

Looking online is a great way to discover the fragrances you've been looking for, without paying department store prices. Here are a few places to look:

  • Fragrance Wholesale: The name says it all. You can get your wholesale fragrances here. The page greets you with the opportunity to shop women's scents alphabetically. Get your name brand stuff;not imitations in the form of oils or knock-offs. Find Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. You can even get gift sets, miniatures, and a dose of history.
  • Fragrance X lists not only the top five women's fragrances on their site (Angel, Cool Water, Euphoria, Light Blue, and Pink Sugar), they also give them to you at a discounted rate. For example, get up to 43 percent off on Aquolina's Pink Sugar. Get up to 27 percent off of Calvin Klein's Euphoria.
  • Zelda's Aromatics is different from the rest. They don't just offer designer perfumes. You can get aromatherapy oils and incense in the same shipment with your wholesale women's fragrances. Get accessories, too, like the roll-on bottles and display kits.
  • Unlimited Perfumes give you what you want; a site that makes you feel at home. Feel like you're shopping the aisles of an intimate perfume shop, finding deals on women's fragrances like Theirry Mugler's Angel, Calvin Klein's Be, Paris Hilton's Heiress, and more.
  • Perfume Junky not only has a cute name, but a great selection of discount perfumes and fragrances, too. You can save over half the price of women's perfumes by shopping on this site. Others get pretty close. One ounce of Amarige by Givenchy, for example, normally costs $45.00; here, it costs $24.32. There's even a thirty-day money back guarantee. Tell three friends about the site and get an extra ten percent off of your next order.

Pros and Cons of Wholesale

If you're shopping for wholesale women's fragrances, you should probably plan to buy more than one or two bottles. If you own a fragrance business, that should be easy-and go without saying. If you're an individual, though, with a frugal side, you may want to wait until a holiday or a cluster of female friends' birthdays to make your big purchase. The upside to shopping wholesale is the low, low price of individual items. The downside is, you'll have to buy more than you probably really want. That isn't the case on all sites, though.

Every so often, you'll find a great deal in a department store. It's usually around the holidays. If you're looking to find the fragrance you want at a price you want to pay when it's not the holiday season, you should probably just shop online. The internet offers endless options for inexpensive fragrances. Some spots online will even beat the lowest price you can find. It's easy just to send the participating company a link.

There's never a good reason to pay full retail price for something, especially not when you can find wholesale prices. If no membership requirements are required, what's stopping you from getting the best deal?

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Wholesale Women's Fragrance