White Witch Costume Makeup

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As any Chronicles of Narnia fan knows, portraying the villainous White Witch of the story requires convincing White Witch costume makeup to bring this character to life.

About the White Witch

If you plan to dress up as the White Witch Jadis from the Narnia series, you know that she was one cold and evil character. Tilda Swinton portrayed her in the 2005 film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and the 2008 film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Her extremely pale skin and the extravagant wardrobe really brought the character to life. When looking for costume ideas, choose items in white and silver, such as flowing robes, caftans, stoles and coats.

How to Do White Witch Costume Makeup

Once your costume is in place, you need to apply makeup to complete your look. Cosmetics for the White Witch face will be pale and/or shimmery. Colors you want to use include:

  • White
  • Off-white
  • Silver
  • Pale gray

You'll need:

  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Mascara
  • Lip color
  • Eyeshadow

Instead of using items from your cosmetics bag, you can purchase face paint specifically for this purpose. Face paint kits are readily available around Halloween.

Creating a Canvas

Your canvas for the White Witch costume makeup is your complexion. Jadis is very pale, so choose a base that reflects that. If your skin is already fair, you may only need foundation a shade lighter than your normal one. For women with a sunny glow to their skin, select base colors that will give you a pale, ethereal look. You don't want your skin to appear shiny, so you can use either liquid or solid foundations.

Apply base all over your face and blend it into your jawline (if you really want to go all-out with this look, bring the foundation down your neck as well). Follow with loose powder or pressed powder. Create a matte look by pressing the powder into your skin with a dry sponge.

Eye Makeup

While Tilda Swinton's character appeared to not wear any makeup around her eyes, you can play up yours with silver, white and pale gray shadows. Avoid darkening your eyebrows. If you like, apply silver shadow to your brows or brush them into place with clear brow gel. Choose mascara in silver or white to add an other-worldly look to your eyes. If you're not specifically portraying Jadis, but a more generic white witch, you can create your own look here; sweep silver eyeshadow all over your lids, line your upper lids with dark gray and follow up with a coat or two of black mascara.


Either skip lipstick altogether, and only use a lip balm, or wear a silver-toned lip color. Lipstick application doesn't need to be exact. Apply one light coat.

The Complete Ensemble

You don't want blush for this look, as the White Witch is not truly human and probably doesn't have any blood running in her veins to warm her. You want to look as cold and pale as possible.

You can wear a wig in platinum blonde or silver, or you can attempt to style your hair in the dreadlocks-type look Swinton wears in the films. Add a costume of white and your White Witch look is complete, perfect for Halloween or other costume party occasion.

Your Own Character

Whether you portray Jadis or you simply dress up as a generic white witch, paying attention to the details of your makeup and costume will go a long way toward realizing this fantasy. You'll be a convincing witch who looks as if ice water runs through her veins.

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