List of New 2007 Men's Colognes

New fragrances for men are available now!

Keeping a close eye on which colognes are new for men is a wise idea if you've got a discerning gentleman on your shopping list. Fortunately, the list is diverse enough to suit everyone from your hubby to your grandfather!

Which Colognes are New for Men in 2007

Whether he's an avid celebrity fan or a guy with a nose for enigmatic, rich aromas, he's going to be all over some of 2007's newest fragrances. Though most men's colognes don't seem to receive nearly the same amount of attention as their female counterparts, their market is just as abundant.

In fact, the newest crop of men's fragrances is positively bursting with fragrances touching upon every personality, scent preference and occasion. No matter what his favorite notes are, where he plans to wear the scent or what type of guy he is, he's sure to find something interesting in this diverse group. Let's take a look at some of the offerings.

Lacoste Elegance

Compelling is perhaps the only suitable way to describe the ambitious fragrance called Lacoste Elegance. Its unexpected combination of notes is spicy and bold, and its targeted over 30 audience is sure to find comfort in its sophistication and classic aroma. Notes include pennyroyal peppermint, thyme, jasper, raspberry, nutmeg, cardamom, violet leaves, muget, cedarwood, sandalwood, chocolate, musk and amber.

Calvin Klein MAN

Calvin Klein's fragrance collection is nothing short of impressive for its tendency to resound well with both men and women. Each scent is introduced in grand fashion, with sharp, sexy marketing campaigns and plenty of fanfare. The newest addition, MAN, fits the mold of CK's tried-and-true, reliable scents. It's a go-to fragrance that is sure to become a mainstream staple.At the same time, it's more unique than its predecessors (such as Eternity and Obsession), boasting an impressive mélange of notes including rosemary, mandarin, bay, nutmeg, incense, spearmint, cypress wood, bergamot, violet leaf, guaiac wood, sandalwood, amberwood and musk. The mint note lends the scent a fresh brightness that's tempered slightly by the classic amber, musk and sandalwood notes.

Avon Derek Jeter Driven Black

Partnering with Avon Cosmetics, baseball player Derek Jeter has basically scored the fragrance alternative of a grand slam. His product line, Driven, includes everything from colognes to aftershaves, and it was his first fragrance, also called Driven, that became Avon's best-selling men's fragrance of all time. It's no surprise, then, that Jeter is back with a new scent, the more intriguing Driven Black.Driven Black is described as sleek and mysterious, and it promises as much with its warm blend of saffron, blood orange, exotic woods, white cedar, bergamot, oriental, vetiver, sandalwood and Tamboti wood. The fragrance will arrive in December; until then, sign up to join the official mailing list for updates.

Tom Ford for Men

Designer Tom Ford is, for many, the sort of visionary, enigmatic man you want creating your fragrances. Ask any woman who adores his sumptuous Black Orchid fragrance. Now he's introducing his first men's scent, Tom Ford for Men. Contemporary, fresh and sexy, the scent stands out with its eclectic notes, which include lemon leaf oil, Italian bergamot, mandarin zest, basil grand vest, violet leaves, ginger, black pepper, tobacco, grapefruit flower, amber accord, cedarwood heart, patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss and cypriol. It's also finished with a touch of rich, heady leatherwood, a note that produces a warm, leathery essence.

Intimately Beckham Night for Him

Curve is a hot new cologne.

David Beckham is back with a fragrance that's as powerful as his free kick. Glamorous, elegant and mysterious, the scent is steadfastly masculine, but doesn't hide behind those notes so typical of men's fragrances. Instead, it's sensuous and even a bit daring with notes of mandarin, coffee beans, jasmine, vanilla, incense, milky notes and tonka bean.

A name like Night suggests that this scent is ideal for wearing on a romantic evening with a special someone, and it manages to balance its multifaceted notes with ease.

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Intense

Here's something the avid fragrance lover will really appreciate. The classic Issey Miyake fragrance, renowned for its smart spicy/woody scent, was created by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier thirteen years ago. He's composed a new scent for Miyake called Intense, and it's indeed dramatically different from its predecessor.Intense is at times fruity, occasionally spicy and undoubtedly airy, before finally resounding with a dark, unexpected end. Notes like yuzu, sweet orange, cinnamon, blue water lily, black frankincense and grey amber keep it multifaceted.

Where Else to Look

Keep your eye on which colognes are new for men! You'll find that the pickings are generous. Visit Sephora, click on the "Men" tab and then click on "What's New" for the latest selections.

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List of New 2007 Men's Colognes