Where to Buy Face Paint

Easy Face Paint Designs

Determining where to buy face paint depends on the nature of the makeup you wish to apply.

Discover Where to Buy Face Paint

If you're planning to create a simple, fun look for Halloween or a costume party, there are a number of retailers available to choose from. However, if you have an interest in face paint for film, theater, and media, many fabulous high definition products are also available. Read on for some ideas regarding where to buy face paint.

Easy Washable Face Paint

Birthday celebrations, costume parties, and Halloween can all benefit from a similar accessory: face paint. Kids and adults enjoy wearing creative, elaborate looks with inexpensive washable face paints. However, finding them at your local department store may not always be as simple as it sounds.

Thankfully, around this time of year, various Halloween costume sellers are re-opened for seasonal business. Now is a great time to head on over to the Halloween sales department nearest to you and pick up some of your favorite colors and brands to create some fancy facial art. For a regular store, there is Spencer's; a year-round retailer accredited with carrying a variety of face paints. Additionally, you might try visiting a Toys-R-Us retailer to browse their various children's face painting kits.

Professional Face and Body Paint

With an emphasis on flawless coverage and facial masterpieces, many professional makeup artists incorporate technologically advanced body and face paint products for their cosmetic tool kit. World renown brands such as Kryolan, Temptu and MAC Cosmetics offer products designed to last on the wearers skin (for stage, photo shoots and media), provide deep color intensity, and look stunning. These colors come in various forms ranging for airbrush paints to revitalizing foundations and eye pigments. Browse through the websites to determine what products might suit your purposes.

Tips with Face Paint

Face paint art

When you have purchased your selection of face paints and you're ready to create some outstanding designs and images, try to apply some of the following useful tips:

  • Paint in layers. When applying color to the face with conventional face paints, be sure to allow the first strokes dry before applying the next. This will be especially useful to prevent inconsistencies and cracks within the facial imagery.
  • Use stencils for complex patterns. When making your paint purchase, ask the sales representative to show you what stencil designs they offer. Stencils are a great way to create seamless lines and shapes with ease. Simply set the stencil on the spot you wish to paint, paint over the stencil, remove the stencil, and there you have it!
  • Tissues and makeup removers can be especially useful for little mistakes and accidental smudges. Have plenty of these supplies on hand if you are going to be in charge of painting a lot of faces.
  • Brushes and sponges are essential for Halloween face paint. Be sure that your face paint kit includes these utensils so that you aren't left with wonderful colors but no means of applying them.

By utilizing some of these tips, hopefully this year will be full of colorful exciting faces for trick-or-treaters and candy givers alike!

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Where to Buy Face Paint