What Color Blush Should African American Women Wear

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To answer the question "What color blush should African American women wear?" your first consideration should be the woman's skin tone.

Various Skin Shades

Because African Americans have complexions that range from light to dark, it's not easy to just choose one color that will suit all of them. When looking at blush shades, select the colors that are most compatible to the complexion. While darker skin won't have that "rosy glow" that very fair skin has, you can still highlight great cheekbones with the right shade of blush.

What Color Blush Should African American Women Wear: Answer

When choosing blush colors, you can use almost the same considerations when choosing lipstick colors. You probably won't have as wide of a range as you do with lip colors, however. Just make sure your blush is a complementary makeup for your skin tone.


If your complexion falls into the light range of African American skin tones, you'll look best in blush shades such as:

  • Pale peach
  • Coral
  • Light pink
  • Light bronze


For women with medium brown complexions, try blush colors like:

  • Peach
  • Bronze
  • Light to medium pink
  • Light red


If your skin tone is dark, use blush shades such as:

  • Bronze
  • Red
  • Deep pink or fuchsia
  • Plum

Choosing the Right Blush

Should you go with powder or cream blush? In general, women with normal to oily skin should use powder blushes, while normal to dry skin can use powder or creams. Most cosmetics lines cater to women of all ethnicities, so you can find the perfect blush for you in your local drugstore as well as your favorite department store. The biggest advantage you have when shopping at a department store is being able to test various shades before you buy them.

If you can consult with a helpful cosmetics sales associate, she may be able to suggest the right colors for you. By testing them and checking them out in the store, you might be surprised to see that shades you never considered before look good on you.

Try Bronzer

Bronzer isn't only for making fair complexions look like they just came from the beach with a lovely glow. African American women can use bronzer as a blush and have it look like a natural highlighter.

As a general rule, darker skin tones look good in golden or bronze colors. A bronzer can give your cheekbones a subtle glow. It won't be that rosy hue (which many African Americans don't naturally have anyway), but a very natural look. Make sure you use a light hand when applying bronzer; instead of only focusing on the cheeks, lightly dust bronzer anywhere the sun would naturally hit your face, such as the hairline, down the center of your nose and on top of the cheeks.

Blush or No Blush

Some African American women, particularly those who have dark complexions, don't feel that blush is for them. After all, they don't appear pink when they flush, so choosing a color may seem more difficult. You can take baby steps to applying blush if you're not completely comfortable with it.

In addition, buying from makeup lines that focus on African American women may make you feel that your options are more suited to you. It's worth getting a consultation with an expert to see what colors can highlight those cheekbones, even if you choose to wear blush for special occasions and skip it for daily use.

So what color blush should African American women wear? Consider your skin tone first, including your undertones and decide whether you want a more natural look or something more glamorous. Try the suggested shades based on your complexion and even women who thought that blush didn't look right on them may be surprised to discover how much it highlights their beauty.

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What Color Blush Should African American Women Wear