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Choosing the right wedding makeup colors can make a difference on your big day. Every bride wants to look her best, and wearing the right shades can guarantee lovely photos that will be treasured for years.

About Wedding Makeup

Many girls grow up dreaming about their wedding day. They want to look their best and shine like they never have before. It can take months to find the perfect dress. Then it's on to the shoes and accessories -- but what about the makeup? Wedding makeup takes time to perfect as well. Brides should consider what they want from their wedding makeup and try out different looks until the desired one is achieved. This can be done at home or by visiting a cosmetic counter and letting a professional lead your way.

Remember wedding day makeup is all about your skin looking flawless and perfect. There is no reason to try something outrageous on your big day. Plus, you do not want to look back and ask yourself why you chose that type of makeup. Wear something classic that will highlight your best features and allow you to show off your beautiful spirit - inside and out.

Choosing Wedding Makeup Colors

When choosing wedding makeup colors there are several factors to consider:

  • Time of year. If you are planning a fall wedding, choose makeup that is warm and in jewel tones. Spring brides can choose makeup that is light and fresh and in hues of spring such as light pinks and roses.
  • Day or evening is an important consideration. Evening makeup is more dramatic than daytime. Makeup colors can be lighter in the day and darker for evening.
  • Indoor or outdoor settings will make an impact on your makeup. Indoor lighting is much different than outdoor lighting. More natural shades can be worn outdoors.
  • Flower colors can be seen in your choice of makeup shades. A bouquet of red roses can look great with red lips. Keep the other makeup soft and natural, though, if you go bright on your lips.

Other factors to take into consideration include:

  • Bridesmaid colors
  • Your personal coloring
  • Trends of the season
  • Which facial feature to highlight

Maybe there is one feature that you want to stand out on your big day. Makeup should highlight your best features and this is simple to achieve. For example, if you want your eyes to stand out, choose colors that will make them pop. A liner and mascara are also a must so that your eyes stand out in all pictures.

Don't forget the blush. Brides do not want to look washed out on their wedding day. The extra color on your cheeks will look great in pictures and give you a healthy looking glow. Wear a natural color blush that will complement your skin tone. Skip the bright colors. You want a natural colored blush.

Colors that work well for brides are pinks, browns and shades of ivory. There are many colors to choose from so experiment before your big day to find what works best for you.

Final Thoughts

When deciding on your wedding makeup, there are several colors that you should never wear. Anything that is bold and bright is not meant to be worn on your wedding day. Save the bright blues and greens for your honeymoon adventure. Stay away from glitter and lots of shimmering shades. A little shimmer is fine for evenings but can look terrible in photos if it is overdone.

Soft, natural shades are the way to go. You will be pleased with a healthy-looking glow and radiate in hues that accent your features.

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Wedding Makeup Colors