Wedding Makeup Timeline


As the leading lady on your nuptial day, your wedding makeup should reflect the truest version of your most beautiful self. This special day will be remembered in both videos and photo albums for the rest of your life. Wedding makeup offers a unique situation; it must look great in pictures and in person. Ensure that when you look back on your wedding day, the image you see is of the most magnificent you can be.

Four to Six Months Before the Wedding

Believe it or not, planning the perfect look on your wedding day should begin months before the ceremony. The first step is to begin a skin care routine that will bring a healthy glow to your face. Depending on your needs, you will want to either read up on basic skin care or consult with a dermatologist for more significant concerns.

The next step before selecting wedding makeup is to determine the look of your hair first, especially the color. While practicing and researching makeup colors you will want to see the whole picture to determine the best look for you. If you plan on highlighting, coloring or cutting your hair, try the complete style out when practicing with wedding makeup techniques.

Start shopping for your makeup at least four months before the wedding. Create a wedding day beauty basket and as you discover the best products, buy a new container of each one and put it in your basket for application the day of your wedding. This process will ensure you have an ample supply of fresh ingredients to guarantee a successful look at the actual ceremony. Spend some time over the four months before the wedding practicing with the makeup you choose. On your wedding day, you will be rushed and flustered, so your makeup application should be second nature long before the actual day of performance.

Research your makeup products carefully and always shop around. Try a free makeover at a cosmetic counter or pay for a personal session with a makeup artist. Be upfront and explain exactly the look you want, giving specific details about your wedding colors and styles. Take along a camera and a friend to take pictures to remember the specific techniques so you can practice at home.

One Month to the Wedding Day

Perform a trial run of the wedding makeup you discovered previously. Your wedding makeup needs to last at least ten hours without a touchup, so give it a rehearsal and adjust products if necessary. During your test, complete your specific facial routine including cleansing, moisturizer, and makeup. Then, recheck every two hours and look for the following:

  • Tightness
  • Excessive oil
  • Itching or Irritation
  • Consistent Smooth Application

Start to avoid the sun now, as a tan has a tendency to look muddy in photographs. Ensure that the makeup base for your wedding day still matches your skin exactly. During your trial run, use the foundation you selected and apply with a sponge. Make sure it matches the color of your neck in both outside and inside lighting. When in doubt, always choose a lighter shade as it will look more natural in photographs.

Day of the Wedding Makeup

Hopefully you have been practicing your beauty routine and the process will naturally relax you. No matter what type of cleansing procedure you have used up until today, only employ a very mild cleanser on wedding day. Apply lotion next with a moisturizer for dry skin or an oil absorber for oily skin. Wait at least five minutes before you apply your makeup.

Use concealer first for under eye circles and broken blood vessels on the skin surface. Rely on foundation to cover the redness or imperfections, as concealer will only highlight them. Thicker creamy foundations are perfect for those with more variations in their skin tone. Apply an all over foundation first and then step back from the mirror to touch up the imperfections.

After your face makeup is set, always use powder. Even if you have dry skin and normally avoid powders, on your wedding day a powder is a necessity to ensure the longest life of your makeup. Choose a translucent or sheer yellow tone powder and dust lightly over the entire face to seal your wedding makeup into place.

For added color, blush must be subtle. The bridal look is somewhat pale and innocent by tradition. Plus, blush doubles in intensity in photographs. Unless you are very familiar with cream blushes, stick to a powder, as it is much easier to apply.

Eyes should be full and round to truly reflect the joy of the day. Start with an eye makeup foundation for longer lasting performance. Use liquid eyeliner as it lasts longer than a pencil, and it shapes the eyes with a dramatic elegant look. Finish the eyes with waterproof mascara, as tears are inevitable on your wedding day. For added mascara life, conclude with a layer of clear mascara.

Lastly and most importantly, always use lip color. Be picky with the color you choose as browns photograph badly and reds contrast too much. Therefore, the best colors are roses and pinky corals. For the longest color, start with a lip base and lip liner to outline and fill in the entire lip surface. Add lipstick next and a little gloss for pout. Even if you like to mix your lipstick colors, pick only one favorite on your wedding day for easier touchups.

General Bridal Makeup Tips

  • Makeup should match your personality and wedding style.
  • Wedding makeup should make you look like you - the groom doesn't want to see a stranger walking down the aisle.
  • Make sure your makeup feels comfortable to enhance your self-confidence.
  • Avoid retouching, as it will only cause the makeup to become blotchy. If you choose the right wedding makeup to begin, a light retouch of powder and lipstick is all you should need.
  • Team up with a bridesmaid or your mom to keep a makeup watch for you and carry your lipstick.
  • Add romance to your look with a sheer foundation, dark blue eyeliner and pink blush.
  • For a more traditional appearance, use violet eyeliner, lavender shadow and rose-colored lips.
  • European looks involve darker eyes and lips.
  • For an outdoors wedding, exploit the most natural look. Light makeup to enhance photographs is enough.
  • The rest of the wedding party's makeup style should match yours, but the colors should be unique to each person's skin tone.
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Wedding Makeup Timeline