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Make those eyes shine with some wedding eye makeup advice from our Ask the Expert column.

Tips to Enhance the Bride's Eyes

Reader Question

Hi Dana,

I'm getting married next month and am looking for some advice on what color I should use and how to enhance my eyes to give them a full and bold look. I'm very fair in complexion, and getting married in an eastern outfit. I have black hair and blue eyes. My wedding gown is a yellowy, gold color. I was looking for some advice on which colors i should use on my eyes and lips, and how I can make my eyes look very bold and stand out to compliment my dress.

Thank you, Jay

Expert Reply

Dear Jay,

For your skin and hair coloring, I'd go with a warm red (one with russet or hints of brown)for your lips. For eyes, start with a champagne for the base and use gray and silver tones blended in the crease. Line your eyes with navy blue or deep gray pencil on both top and bottom. Blend using a fine brush or sponge smudger. Top with blackest black mascara, and don't forget to use waterproof! Congratulations!


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Expert Wedding Eye Makeup Advice