Wedding Day Makeup Styles

Smoky eyes and light lip colors are popular for summer brides.

Choosing the right wedding day makeup styles can be a big part of having a perfect wedding. From looking beautiful for your groom when you walk down the aisle, to the treasured photos, to having the perfect wedding day experience, a little makeup can go a long way to making your wedding the dream it's meant to be!

Tara Fontana, a talented makeup artist and founder of Fairytale Hair and Makeup, a service that specializes in on location wedding day makeup and hairstyles, shares her tips for the right wedding makeup styles in this special LoveToKnow interview.

Meet Tara Fontana

'''LoveToKnow (LTK): Tara, You are the creator and founder of Fairytale Hair and Makeup, specializing in high-quality, on location hair and makeup for weddings and other events. Can you tell us a bit about your background as a makeup artist, and what inspired you to start the company?

Tara Fontana (TF): I am someone -- like most girls -- that has dreamed about their wedding day all the time growing up. It became my obsession. I always knew exactly what I wanted, a Fairytale wedding. My other love is hair and makeup. I became a licensed cosmetologist; working in a salon I really couldn't do my specialty which was special events. Fairytale started in 2002 as a business of myself and one other girl. After the overwhelming response, I started hiring other artists who had the same interest and talent to do more special events. We started in Southern California, and then decided to take on Vegas. In 2003, I hired a crew in Las Vegas. I have been lucky enough to have found Amelia, who manages everything there.

I am also a Disney fanatic. I just wanted to be a part of Disney. We have now become their preferred vendor. So I have had the privilege to work with Disney and be involved with their Fairytale weddings. Then in 2006, I started trying to build my crew in Northern California. I am now continuing to meet artists with the same love as I have -- and we are just getting started.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Day Makeup Style

LTK: For most women, their wedding day is the most romantic day of their life, the day they marry their 'prince charming.' They want their makeup to be very special for their prince, and of course, the photos commemorating this special day. Choosing the right makeup look, however, can leave some brides stressed out. How do you suggest brides go about choosing the right makeup look for their wedding?

TF: Most brides want to look very natural. Many of them are not used to wearing a lot of makeup. They don't have to look like or feel like they have a lot of makeup. But they do need to understand it should be more than they might be used to for photography purposes. The makeup could also reflect the kind of wedding they are having, or the time of day the ceremony will take place. You also can take into consideration the color of the dress and the colors of the wedding.

Popular Bridal Makeup Looks


LTK: Are there any particular makeup looks that are popular right now that would work well for spring and summer weddings?

TF: The smokey eye and the light lips are really popular. The natural look is also always popular. I am also seeing a little of the Hollywood [[Glamour Images| Glam look]]. But nothing that they will look back in ten, twenty years and say what was I thinking?

Focus on the Eyes

LTK: I notice many makeup artists really seem to focus on the eyes for a bride's makeup. Do you advocate this style, or does it really just depend on the bride?TF: I am all about the eyes! I love to make the eyes pop! And also love those false eyelashes. I think they are a must for the bride.

Bridal Party Makeup

LTK: What if brides are concerned that the bridesmaids and other females in the bridal party will conflict with her makeup style? How can a bride tactfully keep the wedding party unified in terms of makeup?TF: I really haven't had any problems. Usually the bridal party just does whatever the bride wants, or the bride lets them do whatever they want.

Beach and Summer Wedding Day Makeup

LTK: Beach weddings and outdoor venues are becoming more and more popular, especially during the spring and summer bridal season. What makeup styles do you suggest for women who are getting married at a beach or park?

TF: When you are getting married outside, during the day, I love the natural, romantic look. A little smoky eye is also very nice. Anything dark should be left for nighttime weddings.

LTK: Do you have any favorite products or types of makeup you find stand up to throughout the wedding and reception for brides, particularly during spring and summer when temperatures are higher?

TF: If the bride is also concerned with getting sweating or makeup wearing off on a hot summer day, we also offer airbrush makeup which tends to stay on longer than regular makeup.

Future of Fairytale Hair and Makeup

LTK: You currently have a large team of skilled bridal makeup artists and hair stylists working for Fairytale Hair and Makeup and serve brides and many other clients in California and the Las Vegas area. What's in store for the future of Fairytale Hair and Makeup?

TF: I just hope to meet and hire more artists all over California, so we can cover the state with no cities left that we can't serve. It is so hard to find good hair and makeup artists that are reliable, talented, and love this line of work. We require that our artists are experienced in both special event hair and makeup. Most artists do one or the other, not both. Then when I feel California is well established, I will start moving on to other states. I want Fairytale to be the company people know to go when they want their hair and makeup done. I am also networking with manicurists, skin care professionals and massage technicians to make Fairytale a one stop pampering spot. And even better, the spot is wherever the client wants us to be.

For More Information

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