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Stay beautiful with waterproof makeup!

As summer rolls around, the demand for waterproof concealer is greater than ever. When better to take advantage of a cosmetic product that does far more than just cover trouble spots on the face? Read on to learn why people use it, what the advantages are and which ones stand out as the best of the bunch.

Why You Need It

You couldn't be more excited about that long-awaited trip to the beach. You'll be walking the boardwalk, lying out in the sun, swimming along the waves…without makeup. On second thought, maybe you can wait until your skin clears up.

Unfortunately, that's not always possible (nor is it even very sensible). Situations like these call for a heavy-duty concealer that provides sufficient coverage and stays put all day long. At the beach, that means it does more than just manage a few hours beneath the blazing sun; it also has to withstand everything from ocean water to the hotel swimming pool.

Maybe the season finds you dedicated to improving your fitness. Participating in water sports is a fantastic way to get into shape without putting much stress on your body; but how stressed out will you feel if your blemished skin is visible to a pool full of strangers? Again, this scenario requires a concealer that stands up to the situation at hand. It's about more than just covering up those pesky spots! The product also has to stay put.

If you're spending time in the water for any reason, a waterproof concealer will be a mainstay in your makeup bag. Forget basic concealers (and don't even think about heavy foundations); the only product you'll need as you splash away this season is a concealer that will cover up dark circles, scars, acne and other imperfections without budging an inch!

The Waterproof Concealer Market

Do a bit of searching and you'll find that there aren't actually that many waterproof concealers available. Sure, you'll find products like Revlon's ColorStay, which promises to last for up to 16 hours without rubbing off, but you aren't assured of its prowess in the water if it's not waterproof.

Similarly, MAC Cosmetics touts its Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer as "water-resistant," but it's important to note that the term is not interchangeable with "waterproof." Water-resistant products might see you through a quick jog or an errand run in the sweltering heat, but don't count on it doing the trick if you're taking a dip. It just won't hold up.

So what will work its magic and actually stay put while you enjoy your time in the water? One of these products will surely fulfill your needs. Check out our detailed list of the best in smudge-proof concealers.


Whether you've had a long night or deal with dark circles on a regular basis, you'll get mileage out of Lancôme's Effacernes. It's an under eye cream that works overtime to provide ample, continuous coverage of uneven skin tone and other imperfections. It dries to a smooth, matte finish and requires nothing else - just blend it in and go! If anti-aging products are also a concern, you'll be pleased to know that this also helps minimize the appearance of fine lines around the eye area.


With a name like that, it better be good! AmazingCosmetics introduced its AmazingConcealer to great fanfare. Celebrities are big fans of this long-lasting product with the silkiest finish in the industry (it was even used on the big screen in Dreamgirls and included in the Oscar goodie bags in 2007!). Many professionals even recommend it as an ideal cover-up for imperfections on the body (such as scars and varicose veins). Needless to say, this concealer does more than just keep your eye area looking fresh; it's also a winner for blotchiness, acne marks and sun damage.


You may not be born with it, but you can fake it with Maybelline's Cover Stick Corrector Concealer. This convenient little product is packaged just like a lipstick, swivels up and glides on smoothly for flawless coverage. Use it underneath the eyes or on any imperfections to achieve a clean look. If you suffer from extreme ruddiness or dark circles, you'll find a stick that best suits your needs. The yellow combats circles while the green fights redness.

Make Up For Ever Professional

If it's heavy duty you're after, look no further. Find the ultimate coverage in Make Up For Ever Professional's Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream. Known to cover everything from basic imperfections to severe skin trauma, this creamy formula works its magic without leaving any evidence behind. The company notes that the product darkens as it dries, so finding an appropriate color match is important. If you've got a tattoo you want to hide, you'll find this works like a charm.

Don't Forget…

Some concealers might be labeled water-resistant or smudge-proof. As mentioned, water-resistant isn't the same as waterproof, nor is a smudge-proof formula similar in nature to a waterproof one. Be aware that these won't stand up to water the same way. Though waterproof formulas aren't as commonplace as basic ones, they can be found with a bit of searching. Our list should put you on the right track! Now go enjoy that vacation.

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Waterproof Concealer