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Virtual Makeovers

Tamara Warta

Virtual makeovers are a great way for women to get a new look without the risk. Read on for information about this great technology.

A New Generation of Beauty

Gone are the days of bad haircuts or money wasted on ill matched makeup shades. These beauty predicaments are on their way to extinction thanks to the dawning of virtual makeovers.

A virtual makeover is a website where you can try out hair designs and cosmetics on a "model" before going out and doing these things to yourself. In some instances, you can even scan in a picture of yourself for the most accurate of results around.

If you are scanning in your own picture, it is recommended you input a photo that is true to how you really look. Barefaced with hair pulled back away from the face will give you the best of results and allow for the most flexibility when it comes to the image processing.

Many makeup manufacturers and suppliers are beginning to add this feature to their website, so they can bring in the customers and keep them there with the confidence they are making the correct decision. It doesn't only help the manufacturer to make an easier sale, but it saves time and money on the usual costly returns that comes with people purchasing the incorrect shades.

The Birth of Virtual Makeovers

The whole concept of virtual makeovers came about in the year 2000 from a company called Makeover Networks. Based out of San Mateo, California, this service provider designed, the first of its kind.

Designed by Lori Von Rueden and Chrissie Kremer, the company co-founders, this duo was previously recognized for designing Cosmo Virtual Makeover, a computer software program designed to help women get makeover ideas. However, (currently sponsored by Clairol) is much more popular than Cosmo Virtual Makeover ever was. Why? Because it's free and instant.

The Competitors

Ever since this technology was launched seven years ago, dozens of competitors have come creeping out of the woodwork and fighting for that top spot on Google.

One of these is ivillage, a well known women's site covering a multitude of topics including hair and makeup. With their "Makeover-o-Matic", you can choose between twelve models to find the one most closely resembling you, or you can scan in a picture of yourself for optimal results.

After choosing a face, you can enjoy a wide array of potential hairstyles, makeup colors, accessories, and more to discover the perfect look for you. It is possible to conduct a complete makeover on yourself in a matter of minutes without enduring any traumatizing cuts or badly clashing makeup colors. The virtual makeover instead helps you to plan ahead, and then print what you like so you can bring it with you to the salon. is another site similar to iVillage's set up claiming to be the only free virtual makeover site on the web. While this may not be entirely true, it is a quality site considering you don't have to give them a credit card number to try on the latest of looks.

If you think you found a style of hair or a shade of makeup you like, but you want to sleep on it, then save your created photo into your own personal folder on your computer and click back through to them in the morning. makes it easy and convenient for you to be happy with your new choice of makeup by giving you another gift besides a free preview - time to really think about it.

Modern Convenience

Virtual makeovers are so popular on the Internet right now, that you would be hard pressed to find a makeup site that doesn't offer the feature. It has come a long way since its start in San Mateo, and thousands of women use the process each year in order to test out the latest of trends.

You can even find on as well as other sites, examples of celebrity hairstyles and cosmetics, enabling you to match your makeover to someone that you admire. You no longer have to admire someone else's beauty, but rather you are now empowered enough to steal their secrets and make them your own.

With virtual mail and virtual dating, why not check out virtual makeovers to keep your virtual self looking its virtual best? Give it a try today.

Virtual Makeovers