Vanity Sets

A makeup vanity has many advantages.

With a vanity set, you are guaranteed to get ready for your day in style. The start of your morning routine sets the mood for the rest of the day's events. With a vanity set designed to help you look and feel dazzling, it can be the important component for a fresh and beautiful day, every day.

Vanity Set Basics

A vanity set is basically a smaller table with a matching chair. It is a place to sit and apply makeup and other beauty accessories. The chair should be comfortable, and is often a small stool, chair, or bench. The table should provide a flat surface for spreading out your beauty essentials, along with mirrors, storage, and lighting options. Although ample tabletop space is ideal, the vanity must also fit the space within the room it sits. While the options for vanity set styles are almost limitless, it is important that yours fits your individual needs. Vanity sets are available in a large variety of sizes, styles, and materials, certain to fit any budget or décor.

Shopping Tips

Vanity sets are a great gift for any woman, young or old. There are also kid sized versions as well. Depending on what you ultimately want from your vanity, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1000. Whether buying for a gift or yourself, there are three main points to focus on when shopping for a vanity: comfort, design, and practicality.


  • Seating is the beginning of true comfort with a vanity set. Try the seat out; ensure its comfort on both your bottom and at the height of the table.
  • Consider the visual comfort along with physical comfort of a vanity. The overall ambiance is an important part of setting the day's mood.
  • Although it sounds strange, smell the vanity too. Certain woods give off a pleasuring aroma to some, but not others. Also consider adding your own scents through potpourri and home fragrances. Aromatherapy is a significant element of your overall beauty presentation.


  • Preview the location of your new vanity, before you set out looking. As with any piece of furniture, it will need to blend nicely with the rest of the room's décor.
  • Storage is another necessity. You will want ample amounts of drawers and compartments to nicely tuck away your clutter. Make sure all drawers are vinyl-lined and open smoothly. All hardware should be well attached and attractive.
  • For timeless quality, consider buying a used vanity set. Whether it is antique or a great garage sale find, older vanities have already proven to stand the test of time.


  • Stain resistance is a must with a vanity. No matter how careful you are, there is bound to be a fluff of extra powder or a leaky bottle at some point.
  • Sturdy construction is a necessity at every price point. Whether new or used, your vanity should stand firm with no wobbling.
  • Test out the vanity mirror or mirrors. The quality of the reflection should be true and the size adequate to ensure proper makeup application. Look for adjustable mirrors to maintain adaptability.
  • Lighting is critical for beauty. Your new vanity should provide lighting as part of the features or should enable you to easily add a lamp or spotlight.
  • Splurge a little on your vanity set and consider passing it on as an heirloom. Then a lineage of women in your family can enjoy the same beauty ritual as you for many years to come.

Vanity Types

A beauty luxury item, makeup vanities are items to help decorate your life and home.


Probably the most common vanity types are found in the bedroom. Often part of complete bedroom furniture arrangements, they fit neatly beside the bedroom dresser. Whether used for dress up or not, they are a decorated piece of furniture to match the feel of any bedroom design.


The next most common use for vanity sets are for kids. Young girls enjoy dress up games and the thrill of feeling like a princess. Older girls and teens need a safe place to experiment with their changing beauty needs.


As more families are finding the need for extra space and storage, the closet is getting an update. Complete closet systems will often offer a vanity option. Incorporating your vanity behind the doors of your closet is a nice way to tuck a little elegance within a practical space.


Turn the average bathroom into one fit for royalty by adding a makeup vanity. Simply add a separate store bought version or include it into your bathroom remodel. Some are even plumbed with a facet and sink, coordinating all your beauty needs to one prime location.

Outdoor Spaces

Why not include a vanity in your sunroom or on your porch. Nothing is better than natural lighting for setting up a perfect face. Just make sure the area is climate controlled if you keep your cosmetic products there as well.

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