Easy Vampire Makeup for Men and Women

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When taking on the role of a seductive bloodsucker, having the right vampire makeup instructions down pat goes a long way toward being the scary undead creature of the night you want to be.

Being a Vampire

Maybe you're a huge fan of the Twilight series or you just love being a vampire every Halloween. No matter how your love of vampires came about, you can easily create the look with skillful application of makeup. Women may find what they need in their makeup kit; men might need to borrow from their significant others or go shopping for some authentic cosmetics that will transform them.

Easy Vampire Makeup Instructions

You can be a gothic vampire or you can be more traditional. For a basic vampire look that's easily recognizable, follow these steps.


You may find the only item you don't routinely have in your makeup kit is a foundation that doesn't match your skin tone. You don't have to buy an entire bottle of expensive base that you'll only wear once or twice; this is a good time to try a drugstore brand in the smallest bottle you can find.

  1. Woman vampire
    Lighten your complexion with foundation a few shades lighter than your true skin tone. Apply it with a sponge or your fingers and blend well. Follow up with a dusting of white powder. Create a matte look with a powder puff pressed into your skin.
  2. Create smokey eyes with a heavy application of charcoal or black eye shadow. Bring the eye shadow beneath your bottom lid and smudge it. You can use liquid eyeliner in black for further definition.
  3. Apply two to three coats of black mascara or use false eyelashes.
  4. Blush is optional, as vampires are undead and don't flush. Instead, you may use a dark color blush to contour and hollow out your cheekbones for a sunken appearance.
  5. Now the lips, which of course should be blood-red. Place two to three coats of deep red lipstick on your lips. You can either use the lipstick or red face paint to create drops of "blood" falling down your chin.


Yes, guys, if you want to be a convincing Count Dracula, a little makeup will help. You'll probably see plenty of inexpensive vampire makeup kits once Halloween season rolls around, but you can just as easily use your significant other's cosmetics or face paint supplies.

  1. Man vampire
    Lighten skin with foundation or face paint in a shade several tones lighter than your skin. Follow up with white powder.
  2. Apply charcoal shadow all around your eyes to make them appear shrunken. Smudge with your fingers or a cosmetic sponge.
  3. If you use face paint, you may want to apply a color darker than foundation to create hollowed out cheeks. Place a line beneath the apples of your cheeks and bring it down on either side of your mouth, blending well into your skin.
  4. Apply a coat of red lipstick to your lips and as with women, you have the option of using lipstick or face paint to paint blood-like drops down your chin.

This is a basic vampire look that you can complete with false fangs and the right outfit, which should be dark and mysterious. However, you can design your own vampire makeup instructions if you want different looks. Maybe you want to be a very sexy vampire or a more bloody one. There's no one right way to be a vampire, so use your creativity to design the look you're most comfortable with.

Get Ready to Hunt

Once you've applied your vampire makeup and dressed in clothing suitable for the undead, it's time to go on the hunt. Whether it's Halloween or a special Twilight party, you'll fit right in with all of the other creatures of the night.

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Easy Vampire Makeup for Men and Women