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Since the popularity of vampires has reached new heights thanks to the success of both True Blood and the entire Twilight series, it's no wonder vampire eye makeup is a skill many people hope to master come Halloween or for dress-up events. While an authentic vampire look may include a pair of colored contact lenses for the best special effects, the following tips will help you create a believable and unique vampire look with easy-to-obtain colored cosmetics.

Creating Vampire Eye Makeup

If you want to dress as a vampire, be sure you spend lots of time perfecting your makeup look. As proven in the Twilight movies, Edward Cullen and his kin are dressed mostly in regular clothing. It's their distinctive facial differences and coloring that sets them apart from the rest of the citizens in the Forks community. If you need more media inspiration, why not rent Interview with a Vampire and see how Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt both channeled gothic looks as well? For female inspiration, check out "Underworld" character Selene, or "Van Helsing" Elena character Aleera. Morphing into a vampire means using the right cosmetics the right way. Take a look at these tips for creating a sullen and ghastly look.

  1. Create a whitened face: Before you start working on vampire eye makeup, you'll want to whiten and matte your complexion to create a dead look. A white foundation or one several shades lighter than your original skin tone will help mask your natural, living coloring. Apply foundation liberally and make sure you extend the color past your cheekbones to your ears, as well as below your chin and on your neck to fully conceal your skin. Once the base is applied, be sure to set your coverage with a lightweight translucent facial powder to ensure your coverage is smudge free. A whitening powder is a great way to set the base while muting the tone even further.
  2. Add liner: Eyeliner will be the most important cosmetic used in your vampire eye look. You can opt for several eye makeup styles, including a cat eye for more of an Elvira look, or keep it clean and simple with just a single swoop of black liner at the base of the top and the bottom lash line. If you want to create a truly frightening vampire look, opt for a colored eyeliner in a deep blood red or burgundy hue. Not only will a red eyeliner help whiten the whites of your eyes, it will create a sickly look that pairs well for a vampire recreation.
  3. Add highlights: Once you've applied eyeliner, use a white eyeliner to draw a v-shape at the inner corner of the eyes. White eyeliner helps highlight the area, drawing attention to your work and casting an ethereal look on your palette.
  4. Apply dark shadows: Depending on the look you're going for, you can use a dark grey or black eyeshadow and apply it liberally to the crease of the eyelid to create a withered and weathered look. Be sure to blend the smoky hues together for best results. Smoky eye makeup works well for a sexy female vampire eye.
  5. Mascara: For women, mascara or dark false lashes can really add to the appeal of a sexy, sultry vampire eye. For men, it's best to skip the application when you're working on a unique vampire eye look. For either sexes, consider a special effect false eyelash application. There are plenty of white or glitter eyelashes on the retail market that will help you create a fantastical look appropriate for costume dressing.

Get Inspired

When you channel your inner-vampire, there aren't too many rules. Get creative and use other vampire images and characters for inspiration. For more realistic results, you may want to avoid bright and pastel hues on the eyes. Instead, focus on a gothic and brooding makeup style and smoky eyes. For more makeup ideas suitable for vampire looks, be sure to check out the following articles:

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Vampire Eye Makeup