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Trendy, exciting and inspiring cosmetics are the foundation of the Urban Apothecary makeup collection.

About Urban Apothecary Makeup

At first glance, the bright colors might seem over-the-top and daunting. A closer look reveals a collection of cosmetics that is indeed adventurous, but also surprisingly wearable and suitable for women of all ages. Teenagers flock to the line for shades that can't be found in drugstores, while older women appreciate the brand's attention to healthy ingredients. That's right: the Urban Apothecary makeup line is good for your skin.

While this news may come as a surprise to those who are new to the line, for Urban Apothecary devotees it's just one of the many outstanding traits that makeup the line stand above the rest. The brand describes their concoction of ingredients as literal "super-food" for the skin. The luxurious products include a variety of the following natural ingredients:

  • Antioxidants
  • Amino Acids
  • Botanicals
  • Sunscreen
  • Vitamins

The Products

Revamp your ever-growing makeup collection with an infusion of products from Urban Apothecary. The brand's organic, botanic cosmetics make women look and feel great.


A radiant complexion starts with a perfect foundation. Urban Apothecary offers many formulas, each catering to unique skin types and individual needs and concerns.

  • Too Faced: This one-of-a-kind, colorless foundation is baked into a compact, providing flawless skin while correcting imperfections with a color-correcting concealer.
  • Slap Stick: Portable and perfect for all skin types, this creamy stick foundation contains a sun protection factor (SPF) of 18 and is easy to blend. It wears lightly as a cover-up, but easily builds to a heavier, opaque finish.
  • Glam Foundation: A dewy finish is perfect for a night out, and this convenient cream-to-powder foundation compact provides just that.
  • Chic Wet Dry Foundation: Treat this as a two-in-one product to reap its benefits. Worn dry, it dusts on as a powder; worn wet, it smoothes on as a creamy foundation.
  • Supernatural Mineral Powder: How's this for a miracle product? It acts as a multitasking genius, filling the roles of powder, foundation and concealer with ease. It also contains SPF 8.


Making your eyes stand out is no small task, but this bold collection of shadows and mascaras will easily transform your peepers.

  • Intensif-Eye: Forget the cutesy name. This eye shadow's beauty is in its ability to create a multitude of looks. Each pot features three complementary shades in various degrees of seductive, demure and in-between.
  • Heavy Metal: Metallic handbags are all the rage right now, so there's no harm in giving your eyes the shine treatment either! These ultra-glossy creams dry to a powder finish, resist water and leave behind a sexy, bold sheen.
  • Eye Confetti: Consider it a little party for your eyelids. These multicolor-flecked shadows instantly wake up tired eyes, add a hint of sheen and wear for hours.
  • Lash and Brow Gel: Clear mascaras are ideal for everyone. This formula conditions, softens, strengthens and adds volume. It even tames unruly brows.


A gorgeous pout is just a slick away. These pampering products are shiny, matte, translucent, opaque, shimmery and loaded with color.

  • Kiss and Tell Lipstick: No one needs to know why your lips look so good. Kiss and Tell lipsticks are loaded with vitamins and aromatherapy ingredients, and are available in satin, shimmery and matte formulas.
  • Big Fat Kiss: Who wouldn't love one of those? These lipsticks leave you with fatter lips, thanks to plumping, line-filling ingredients.
  • Sweet Roll: If you're just not a decision-making type of gal, you'll relish this! Sweet Roll is a pot of six lipsticks in a variety of shades that complement each other. They're perfect for mixing, matching and wearing solo.

Mineral Makeup

Many sensitive skin types already appreciate the benefits of mineral makeup. Urban Apothecary's line is free of talc, preservatives, fragrance, oil, dyes and other skin irritants. Instead, it's infused with vitamins, minerals and SPF, providing your skin with the pampering and protection it deserves.

  • Supernatural Mineral Sheer Tint: Similar to a tinted moisturizer, this translucent foundation reveals glowing skin with just a hint of color.
  • Supernatural Mineral Powder: This weightless, luminescent product provides the coverage of a foundation with the sublime consistency of powder. It's easy to build up, offering just the right amount of coverage.
  • Supernatural Mineral Blush: Avoid streaks and unnaturally bright flushes with this perfectly down-to-earth blush. It produces a sheer, healthy glow that lasts all day.

Creative Color

Decision-making is never fun, especially when confronted by a bevy of beautiful cosmetics. The Creative Color collection offers an easy solution. Purchase an empty three- or five-pan compact and fill it with your choice of eye shadows and brow waxes. The collection also includes limited edition eye shadow palettes, each containing five complementary shades. Each palette can be (optionally) scented according to your fragrance preference:

  1. Coco Crush: A summery blend of coconut and lemongrass.
  2. Coquette: A flowery, fruity blend of violets, jasmine, blackcurrant, raspberry and orange blossom.
  3. Fresh Mint Sorbet: Peppermint, basil, anise, spearmint and eucalyptus team up for a chilly, refreshing treat.
  4. Raspberry Violette: Redcurrant berries and violets pair up for a unique blend that is both sophisticated and playful.
  5. Turkish Rose: Similar to a dessert with a heady aroma, this intoxicating scent blends banana, peach, cotton candy and rose petals.

Where to Purchase

Urban Apothecary products are available at the official Urban Apothecary Web site.

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