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Twilight vampire makeup will help transform you into one of today's hottest "undead."

Twilight vs. Traditional

The typical vampire makeup calls for a chalky white complexion, sunken cheeks and blood-red lips. While the pale skin is still in place, the vampires in Twilight were as sexy as they were scary. Robert Pattinson's Edward is nowhere near as frightening as a bloodsucker like Nosferatu.

There are plenty of personas featuring guys and girls, so you'll need to decide which vampire you wish to be before choosing your Twilight vampire makeup. Will you be one of the good vampires who tries to protect Bella or will you be one of the ones who's out for her blood?

The Bella Look

The protagonist of the films, Bella Swan, isn't actually a vampire for most of the series, but many teens and young adults want to copy her look from the movies. You can rely on more of a natural look when creating Bella Swan makeup. You'll look mostly like your everyday self if you choose to portray her for Halloween, so your look will be more pretty than scary.

Create Twilight Vampire Makeup

Once you decide which vampire you're going to be, the real fun begins with makeup application.

The Twilight Guys

For guys, this can be a relatively simple process, whether you're Edward or James. Transform yourself with foundation one or two shades lighter than your natural complexion; you want to appear paler than usual, but not chalky and ghoulish. Use a damp makeup sponge to work the base all over your face, being careful to blend well around the hairline and jawline. Color eyebrows in with a dark eyeshadow and finish your look with a pale red lip color. Blot this well, as you only want a hint of red on your mouth.

The Twilight Gals

Ladies, your look will be a little more complex, but just as fun. You'll need:

  • The Perfect Foundation: If your complexion is naturally fair, you can use a foundation that matches it perfectly. Medium and dark-complexioned girls can either go for a hint of pale with a lighter foundation or they can stick to their natural skin tone. The beauty of Twilight vampires often comes from their sultriness, so vamping up your sex appeal is what's most important.
  • Powder: To create the diamond-like sparkle that the vampires have, use loose mineral powders with a touch of shimmer. Your skin is sure to glisten.
  • Eye Makeup: One of the most common looks for the female vampires is smoldering eye makeup. Use a smoky eye technique with colors like black, charcoal, silver and medium gray. Well-blended black eyeliner and several coats of mascara will make your eyes stand out in a dark and menacing way.
  • Cheek Color: Vampires don't have a rosy glow to their cheeks, so you can skip the blush, or go for a very light application of cream blush that gives the most subtle hit of color.
  • Lips: This is another focal point of your vampy appearance. Red is a natural color choice, but pink works just as well. Lip stains will give you that just-bitten look that fits in so well with your vampire character.

A Night of Fun

Now that you've created a makeup look that celebrates your love of all things Bella and Edward, don't forget the right costumes. Luckily, these modern vampires don't skulk around in tuxedos and high-collared capes. You can wear any number of casually sexy outfits and hit the right tone. You'll be all set for a night of unforgettable fun.

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Twilight Vampire Makeup