Tube Lip Gloss with a Fuzzy Tip

Stroke on fruity shine with a great gloss!

Tube lip gloss with a fuzzy tip is a cult favorite among beauty queens and natural gals alike. Unlike ordinary lipstick, tube lip gloss with a fuzzy tip is furry and fun to apply.

Advantages of Tube Lip Gloss with a Fuzzy Tip

Just a step up from a natural lip stains, there are many advantages of packing that fuzzy tipped lip gloss in an on the go makeup bag. Fuzzy tipped glosses are easy to apply and feel great on the lips. Most fuzzy tipped glosses pack a hydrating punch without the sticky factor that most glosses are known for. Experiment with different varieties and colors to find a shade and formula that works for your beauty and lifestyle needs.

Lip Smacking Flavors

Don't expect fuzzy lip glosses to be shy with their names. Most of these tropical infused berry or candy flavored glosses sport giddy names that are both fresh and youthful.

Part of the allure of fuzzy glosses is that they are fun and easy to wear. When the temperatures heat up, traditional lipsticks and lip liners get tossed into the drawer and get replaced with a gloss that shines and hydrates while complimenting summer tans and juicy swimsuits. These pool ready shades often flaunt frozen drink names that are lip quenching and fruity.

Easy Application

For those who are tired of lip liners and messy lipsticks that demand precise application, fuzzy glosses are a welcome alternative to the mix. Simply apply fuzzy gloss, with their slanted tip, directly on the lips. Although lip liner is optional, most women find lip gloss serves up enough impact without the need for a liner. If wearing a lip liner, invest in a nude shade that doesn't complete with the gloss. Most lip glosses need to be reapplied after drinking or hitting the beach, so a liner needs to be nude to prevent embarrassing telltale lines.

No Mirror Required

No liners, no mirrors, no problems. Fuzzy tipped lip gloss can be applied on the go, whether that be a bumpy train ride or within a crowd of people at a summer soiree concert. Perfect for adding that touch of effortless sparkle and shine, their ease of use make fuzzy glosses a staple for everyone. Additionally, these glosses are pocket friendly! Stash your favorite gloss in its squeezable tube right in your pocket or clutch for quick and easy on the go touchups.

Picking a Color

Most lip glosses look their best when they add just a punch of color to the lips. Rose tinted glosses and warm ripened pinks compliment a variety of skin tones throughout the seasons. For the best and most universally flattering investment, pick up a sun ripened coral shade that will add a sexy pop of color to your pout while brightening your pearly whites.

To avoid a tired pout, avoid drab shades such as tawny and brown, which will only tire and age your complexion.

For an equally flattering combination, pair your flirty pout with a rosy cheek stain and you'll rock a natural look that is both girly and fun.

Keep it Clean

Don't hang on to ancient cosmetics, even if you've formed an attachment to a particular color or formula. Cosmetics harbor a multitude of bacteria, and have a relatively short lifespan once opened.

Lip gloss and lipsticks have a life span of about 18-24 months, including fuzzy tipped glosses. For safety measures, pitch any lipstick or gloss that has a strange odor or odd consistency.

To clean a fuzzy tipped lipgloss, saturate a cotton ball with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and gently rub the surface. Make sure the cap is tight to prevent contamination and store lip glosses in cool dry places when not in use to prolong their wear.

Where to Buy

There's a bundle of fuzzy tipped glosses just waiting for purchase at department stores, cosmetic stores and drugstores worldwide. For the best in fuzzy glosses, check out the following brands and websites:

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Tube Lip Gloss with a Fuzzy Tip