Top Rated Makeup Foundations

Clinique Soft Finish Makeup

Knowing the top-rated makeup foundations can help women make an informed decision when shopping for this important cosmetic.

Finding a Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation for you is about so much more than whether or not it matches your skin tone. You also need to think about the formulation you prefer since they're available in liquid, mousse, spray and cake varieties. There's also the degree of coverage you want, from very sheer to heavy. After that, you have a huge selection of brands from which to choose.

The top-rated foundations are usually tried and tested by real women, just like you. They may write makeup blogs, post to websites which accept reader reviews, or they may show up as a feature in magazines like Allure.

Reading the Reviews

When reading reviews of top-rated makeup foundations or any makeup, consider several factors to help you make the best decision:

  • Number of reviews: A popular and high-traffic website, blog or magazine will have more reader reviews than a resource that no one has ever heard of. The higher the number of reviews, the more likely it is that you'll get a balanced view of various cosmetics.
  • Reputation: A publication like Allure has been around long enough that women trust the advice found in it. Consider the source when reading reviews. The more trusted it is, the more likely you'll trust the information.
  • Budget: Not all of the best foundations are found behind cosmetic counters. Some drugstore brands offer good results for a fraction of the cost. Think about whether you're looking for a high-end foundation or if a less expensive option works for you.

Five Top-Rated Makeup Foundations

Use a variety of resources if you can when looking for a great foundation. These are some of the best rated foundations currently available.

Clinique Soft Finish Makeup

Although Clinique is a department store brand, it's one of the more affordable cosmetic lines out there. Described as a hydrating liquid makeup, Soft Finish is perfect for women with dry skin. It also minimizes fine lines and is comfortable for all-day wear. Rated by Sephora users, you can read various opinions, as well as questions and answers that real women have.

Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

Every year, Allure magazine publishes its Readers Choice issue, which showcases all of the top makeup picks that readers love. If thousands of women love a particular product, it has to be good, right? Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation made it onto the 2010 list for its fusion of two well-known drugstore names.

Dior DiorSkin AirSplash Spray Foundation

Airbrushed foundation is one of the newest methods women can use to even out and perfect their complexions. Dior's ultra-lightweight "misting" base is hailed for its ease of use and its ability to diminish lines and imperfections. You can purchase this pricey item at high-end department stores' cosmetic counters or from beauty retailers like Sephora.

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Original SPF 15 Foundation

This powder-form foundation offers women the sheer, light coverage that doesn't loudly announce they're wearing makeup. With the built-in sun protection, this makeup performs double duty. Anyone searching for a very lightweight foundation that feels barely there while working so well should consider this one. This one landed on Allure's Best of Beauty list for 2009 under the category Mineral Foundations.

Revlon Color Stay Foundation

Popular beauty site Ulta knows a thing or two about makeup. Revlon's inexpensive offering is considered one of the best drugstore foundations around. Color Stay offers light to medium coverage. The built-in SPF should satisfy women who like their cosmetics to multi-task as much as they do.

Choosing the Best for You

If you're like many women, you experiment with makeup until you find a brand and look you love. You may stick with one cosmetic line for life, or you may try everything under the sun. Reading reviews can help you make an informed decision when it comes to makeup, but remember that the top foundation for you is what works best for your particular skin type, complexion and needs.

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