Titanium Tanning Lotion

Get your deepest tan ever with a tingling lotion.

From TanFastic and John Abate come two versions of titanium tanning lotion, meant to speed up your suntan to get you ready for summer in a jiffy. TanFastic offers not only tanning lotions, but tanning beds and spray booths as well. Whether you prefer to tan indoors or out, with UV rays or with DHA (sunless tanners), this company will have you covered. John Abate also works hard to cover your suntan needs and also offers sunscreen and facial care products. It's up to you to discover which works best for your skin type.

How Titanium Tanning Lotion Works


The Titanium lotion from TanFastic is a tingling lotion meant to be applied to the whole body (minus face) prior to getting into the tanning bed. Skip the face since facial skin is more sensitive, and it's never a good idea to get a tingling product near your eyes.

John Abate

This titanium tanning lotion, too, is a tingling lotion, meant to take your tan to the max in a shorter amount of time than it would normally take. It also claims to keep your skin looking healthy and supple, thanks to a special vitamin and Tyrosine cocktail. Put it on before you slide into the tanning bed. The tingling shouldn't hurt, but you should notice it on your skin.

Chances are, you won't need to use either version just starting out, but after you get your base tan going and work up to your maximum time in the beds, you should be fine. Apply an even layer to limbs and torso, close the lid, and wait for the tingling to begin. That's your tan working its way up to a deeper level.

The Thrills of Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning is popular these days; there's no doubt about it. Girls as young as ten get into tanning beds for pageants or "just because." That isn't necessarily a good thing at such a young age, but it happens. You can find tanning beds in homes almost as often as salons despite their hefty price tags. People don't play when it comes to their skin tone! After all, tanning can make you look thinner and feel more confident overall.

Since the average Joe and Jane are willing to shell out thousands of dollars cultivating the perfect tan within the privacy of their own home-rain or shine-it's no surprise that they'll spend a few extra bucks for a lotion that promises to provide an even bronzer, healthier looking tan.

Dangers of Indoor Tanning

With every thrill, there's the threat of danger. It's the same with fast cars and roller coasters. Indoor tanning beds are no different. There's the same threat of melanoma present with tanning beds that is around with tanning in the natural sunlight. Either way you go, you're not going to be completely safe-not even with lotions that contain low SPF. There are a few gimmicky beds out there that claim to tan you without the risk, but be very, very wary. Have your moles inspected and see a dermatologist regularly.

The safest way to tan is from a bottle (or a spray nozzle), and thanks to years of advancement in the sunless tanning industry, you're not necessarily going to turn out looking like an Oompa Loompa. You just have to find the right sunless tanner for your skin tone and find the best routine for you. Just make sure you exfoliate well and read reviews for the tanning lotions or sprays of your choice (Makeup Alley is a good place to start).

You may also want to consider going to a spray tan booth as opposed to a UV one. That will also save you the hassle of putting the sunless tanning lotion on yourself. You can just spray and be done.

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Titanium Tanning Lotion