Photos of Hallowen Makeup Application Ideas

Tips: Applying Halloween Makeup

The following tips on applying Halloween makeup will help you create your best costumed look from head to toe.

When you plan on dressing up, don't discount the ability of stage makeup to finish your look. Theatrical makeup doesn't have to be intimidating. Take a look at these ideas and suggestions for perfect costume cosmetics each and every time!

Use Basic Cosmetics

You can use a sponge tipped lip gloss to create faux blood with ease.

Simply draw the line from lip to chin rather than mess with stage blood.

Prevent Batty Lashes

Before you opt for faux lashes, make sure you practice the application several days in advance.

Here's a tip: it's all about the glue! Seek out a professional grade eyelash glue to ensure lashes stay in place.

Layer and Blend Shadows

Make sure you blend your makeup for best results.

This dreamy eye look would work from a grunge and edgy costume all the way to a fairy.

Layer your color for a theatrical style.

Highlight Your Accessories

For a creepy or gothic costume, here's a great tip on applying Halloween makeup: focus on just one part of the face!

Dark face paint is offset by a blood stained mouth in this example, proving that little more than a few colored cosmetics are needed to highlight these horrific teeth.

There's no such things as perfection when you're applying some makup styles.

A gal rocking an allnighter, a zombie or someone who just got into a fight all call for smudged and messy makeup styles.

For this look, splash water on a premade face and let it run. Rub your eyes and smudge your lipstick for even more grunge appeal.

For more inspiring makeup looks, be sure to check out our Halloween Eye Makeup slideshow.

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Photos of Hallowen Makeup Application Ideas