Tinted Waterproof SPF

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A handful of must-have items come to mind when jotting down that lengthy list of summer essentials: lip balm, sunscreen and tinted waterproof SPF. Since part of beating the heat means going light on the makeup and playing up your natural beauty with minimal effort, a tinted product that offers sun protection is a perfect choice.

Summer Essentials

Beachwear is one thing (who can resist adorable swimsuits and airy tunics?), but the most essential item of the season is anything rich in SPF. While that can be as basic as an all-over body moisturizer containing a high quantity of SPF, it can also be something more complex. After all, sun protection products have grown immensely over the years. These days, it's possible to shield everything from your nails to your hair from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays!

We can't recommend sun protection enough, but we do understand it can be a laborious process to apply the stuff every single day. Factor in a tiresome regimen of head to toe coverage and it suddenly becomes more of a dreaded chore than a fun beauty habit. The best solution? Make it fun by adding a tinted waterproof SPF to the mix.

About Tinted Waterproof SPF Products

While you may not want to slather on a tinted product every day, you might end up relying on it more often than you think. Consider that wearing heavy makeup underneath the blazing sun can be more than a little uncomfortable. You risk sweating it off or wearing it on your sleeves or towel as you wipe perspiration from your face. Who needs the hassle? This is where a tinted waterproof product that provides ample sun protection comes in handy.

Not only do you benefit from sunscreen protection (which is a must), you also enjoy a touch of color that can mimic a natural radiance, slowly enhance your skin's color over time or add a subtle glow from your face to your feet. Best of all, a waterproof formula will stay put through a busy day at the beach, water park or carnival with the family. No matter which type of formula you choose, you can bet that your skin will look and feel far better than it would have otherwise.

The Tinted Product for You

There are a few obvious common denominators in all of these products; they each have some variable amount of sun protection, boast a hint of color and are waterproof. Beyond that, though, they differ from each other in various ways. Read on to learn more about what's available and determine which products will offer you the most bang for your buck.


Many women favor tinted moisturizers when the weather heats up. They're lightweight and airy, provide a hint of coverage and don't leave a sticky feeling behind. The best choices for summer are those that are loaded with SPF and can handle the pressure of a little time in the water. Try one of these versatile products to get started.

  • Ultra-sheer and a favorite of women worldwide, Clinique Almost Makeup SPF 15 is an oil-free product that delivers all the goods in one convenient, lightweight application. Simply smooth it on in your choice of eight colors. You'll enjoy a flawless finish and major confidence as you head out to the pool.
  • In your choice of three flattering shades, Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant offers a bit of versatility. Choose bronze for that beautifully sun-kissed look, smooth on sand for a more natural appearance or try neutral for a universally light shade. The long-lasting matte finish is extremely light, never greasy and stays put when exposed to water.


Tinted body products can provide instant color or they can develop a natural shade over the course of a few days. Check out our picks for the summer's best body-beautifiers.

  • Don't leave home without a generous coat of this fabulous Miracle Skin Transformer tinted body treatment. It provides outstanding protection against UV rays, boosts color gradually and is completely sweat- and waterproof. How's that for multitasking?
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Tinted Waterproof SPF