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Tassi Hair Wrap Review

Jodie Michalak
Try a hair wrap!

If you have long hair that tends to find its way into your mascara wand, foaming cleaner and bath bubbles, it may be time to check out my Tassi hair wrap review.

Every gal needs a break every now and then, and when it comes to our daily beautifying rituals, we often forget that the smallest things can make all the difference. When I spotted this hair band for the very first time, my heart fluttered with excitement! Finally, a beauty product discovery that could actually solve one of my daily chores? Repeat. Daily chores. Yep, every gal knows exactly where this is headed. If you've got hair, you'd better listen up.

What is a Tassi?

A Tassi hair wrap claims to soon become our "new best friend." Shawna Ellsworth, inventor of the must have beauty item, based this hair saving product on a hair wrap that her Aunt used to keep the loose strands out of her own teenage daughter's faces. Shawna then took that clever design and implemented a cute little swirly logo and fun fashionable terry cloth colors and packaged the darling hair wrap in its very own clear box perfect for girly gift giving. Genius! I decided to test drive one of these terry cloth bundles to see for myself if there was lifelong compatibility.

First, let me say that up until my Tassi discovery, my facial cleansing routine consisted of the following items: a headband, a hairclip, and perhaps a rubber band or a few stray bobby pins. My bathing routine consisted of the same items, including a very stretched out, unfashionable purple shower cap. Sound familiar?

Despite my love of products, masks and exfoliants, I found my evening, morning and bathing routine to be a bit of a hair chore rather than a relaxing ritual. Forget the makeup application. With a toddler tugging on my leg and a wand of mascara headed straight towards my eyes, it was often a few strands of my freshly washed hair that took the mascara blow. Lovely.

Now, they always say that one of the best inventions is one that solves a daily problem. I didn't even know my problem existed until I discovered this product. As most women, I just dealt with my hair and suffered the consequence of bobby pin dented strands, rubber band crimped ponytails and sweaty shower cap locks. I've tried the various terry cloth spa wraps on the market and I can tell you without reservation that they've got nothing on the Tassi. Here's my review on my new terry cloth best friend and why every woman should own one.

My Tassi Hair Wrap Review

Since my Tassi hair wrap review, gone are the days of bad hair for me! I can wash my face without fear and I actually look forward to my primping again. What makes this terry cloth spa wrap so special? The width. The band is about 5 inches deep in the front, and even deeper in the back. The bonus? The patented product has a little elasticized "pocket" that hair falls into, securing your loose ends into a safe terry cloth wrap so that you can bathe as if wearing a shower cap, all in the comfort of soft and plush cotton terry. Tassi replaces ponytail holders, rubber bands, shower caps and spa wraps. I love this product!

When to Wear a Tassi

Cosmetics bags are not complete without this terry wrap. This is one of the best kept beauty secrets I've discovered in a long time. Whether applying sticky lipgloss, relaxing in the bath, or keeping your hair outta your face for manicures, pedicures, gardening, working out, applying makeup, sunbathing, dipping in the pool, cooking dinner, scrubbing dishes, receiving a facial or dealing with a windy day, my hat literally goes off to Tassi.

It's a Wrap

Without doubt, I am in love with this clever invention. I can now soak a little deeper in the tub, scrub a little higher on my forehead, and layer my mascara to my heart's content. My cotton terry wrap has solved most all of my makeup and cleansing dilemmas. My new BFF and I have become inseparable, we enjoy our peaceful time together morning and night. Goodbye purple shower cap, hello Tassi!

Final verdict: Why didn't I think of this?

Tassi Hair Wrap Review