Tarte Treasure Chest

tarte Vanity Palette
tarte Vanity Palette

There's good, and there's great - and I think it's safe to say that the tarte cosmetics Treasure Chest definitely falls into the latter category. This packed palette is loaded with color cosmetics that will make any beauty aficionado positively giddy with excitement.

About the Palette

It's easy to go a little crazy when the holidays roll around. Suddenly there are far too many items on your shopping list, and you seem to forget that you probably already own one, two or (more likely) more of these items already. That was the case for me when I came across the tarte cosmetics Treasure Chest. Never mind that I own a few tarte palettes already; never mind that my makeup collection is large enough to rival a celebrity makeup artist's; never mind that I definitely don't need any more makeup.

The company is rather genius at creating the kinds of items that women just naturally gravitate to. In this case, the Treasure Chest palette is packaged in fabulous metallic silver and adorned with a smattering of (faux but fabulous) rhinestones in shades of various shades of purple and black.

Though the packaging alone is kind of a selling point, it's really the contents within that make or break a beauty product. The tarte Treasure Chest definitely doesn't disappoint in that department. It contains:

  • 16 shimmery eye shadows
  • 16 matte eye shadows
  • 16 lip glosses
  • luminizing highlighter

Using the tarte Treasure Chest

Unveiling layer after layer of little pans filled with gleaming colors, I couldn't help but marvel at how harmonious and well edited the collection is. As with just about any makeup palette, I found there were some eye shadow colors I just can't pull off, like olive green. If I'm calculating the yes shades versus the no shades, though, I come up a winner every time. With 32 shadows to choose from, there are innumerable creative combinations to work with.

The lip glosses range in color from soft pink to deep red, with some very neutral hues thrown into the mix. I love the options available here. If I create a smoky eye using the dark blues or grays in the palette, I can instantly tone down my lips with a nude or faint pink gloss. If I opt for a low-key, minimal eye look, my lips can go bold in red or rosy brown. Note that the glosses are not deeply pigmented - the colors are definitely true, but not necessarily dark or intense. If you want to pull off a dramatic lip, you'll probably need to swipe some lipstick on first, then top it off with a complementary gloss.

The palette also includes a pretty, complexion-brightening luminizer in soft pink. This is perfect to use as a highlighter on the cheekbones, temples and chin for a quick pick-me-up. The bronzer (a shimmery gold called Park Ave Princess) is not at all a universal color; not all women wear such a light shade, so those who can't pull it off on their faces might like it as an eye shadow or brow bone highlighter instead. It certainly does very little to bronze my skin.

The blushes in this palette are fantastic. There's a warm, rusty rose; a soft peach; a luminous pink-gold; and a neutral blush-pink. The color payoff is great, and there isn't one shade that doesn't flatter my fair skin tone.

The Pros

It happens to look great on a vanity thanks to its cute packaging, so for that reason alone it earns big points. tarte's shadows are soft and long lasting, and the glosses are non-sticky (but don't necessarily last for hours). This is a great gift idea for the avid makeup collector or general beauty junkie.

The Cons

As with any palette, there are bound to be a few colors that you will never touch. Though I've tried in the past to be creative and use them for some other purpose - either by blending with another eye shadow or wearing wet as eyeliner - it's often just easier to skip them altogether. Are there more wearable colors here or will you be picking and choosing just a couple out of 16? If that's the case, skip it.

The Verdict

For $52, this is a good buy that will last for years. Since I've made use of most of the colors, it's a winner for me. Check it out in store before purchasing if you're unsure. It's available exclusively at Sephora.

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