Sweet Brown Tanning Lotion

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Sweet Brown tanning lotion makes it easy to get a deep and dark tan this summer.

About Sweet Brown Tanning Lotion

Manufactured by the skincare company European Gold, Sweet Brown tanning lotion has rated top amongst consumers for many years. This product is highly effective because it contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is known to be one of the most effective self-tanning agents approved by the FDA. It also features biotan complex to give you a natural looking shade of brown.

Sweet Brown tanning lotion not only darkens your skin beautifully, but it can reverse aging as well. With hemp seed oil and other skin conditioning ingredients, you will find yourself with softer and smoother skin. It also firms up your legs and arms, giving you a younger and more toned apperance. People are drawn to Sweet Brown and the other products found in the European Gold line due to the fact that its components are both exotic and creative. You will find a much higher quality with Sweet Brown than you will with that bottle of Coppertone that has made you streaky and orange for the past several summers.

How It Works

Self-tanners work by penetrating the outer layer of your skin known as the epidermis. Since its inception in 1960, sunless tanners have improved and advanced, however, they still work in basically the same way. Temporarily staining the closest layer of your skin, a sunless tanner will darken your body and then fade away as your skin cells naturally die and slough off of your body.

Using a product such as Sweet Brown tanning lotion can protect you from devastating health issues now associated with traditional tanning. Avoid skin cancer, DNA breakdown, dehydration, and premature aging by staying indoors and picking up a bottle of this great European Gold item.

Where To Buy

European Gold is available at a variety of locations. Check your local beauty supply or drugstore to find this brand. No luck? Fortunately Sweet Brown and other members of its family are available for purchase all over the internet. Yahoo and MSN shopping both carry the European Gold line. If you are looking for self-tanner at a more inexpensive price, you can try an independent Internet retalier such as Turn Me Dark or Lotion Central.

Understanding The Popularity

In a nation where pale skin used to be a symbol of upper class posterity, tan skin became popular in the 1920s thanks to the trendy designer Coco Chanel. On vacation in France, she accidentally became tan and it was noticed by the public. Suddenly darkened skin became a new status symbol, and women fell in love with a tanned look as the weather warmed and clothing became more revealing.

Ever since, tanned skin has been considered a must-have during American summers. Join the trend by picking up a bottle of Sweet Brown or any other skincare product by the European Gold company.

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Sweet Brown Tanning Lotion