Expert Tips on Summer Makeup

Marlene Kurland
Marlene Kurland

Get ready to look your best this season with these tips on summer makeup looks. Marlene Kurland, a talented makeup artist with over 35 years' experience in the beauty industry, generously shares her tips on looking beautiful during the warmer summer months.

Expert Tips for Summer Makeup Looks

Marlene believes that every woman should shine. Her tips help women look their best even in the warmer temps.

Summer Cosmetic Colors

LTK: What summer makeup looks do your recommend in terms of colors? Should women go with lighter, more natural colors in the summer time?

MK: Yes, women can wear new fresh colors in the summer.

A lot of times a woman does not want to wear colors of eye shadows, especially to the office. Many believe it would be very unprofessional and continue to stick with the safe brown tones. That's ok, but there is a way to wear color and not look too made up. Choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as a soft blue and purple, or yellow and pale green. These colors look soft when paced next to each other.

Choose complementary colors for day.

Do not use color that are opposite each other on the wheel, such as red and green or blue and orange. Save these colors for your dramatic sexy evening looks.

Summer Makeup Application Tips

LTK: In the before and after photos on your site, the makeup application looks very natural, but at the same time dramatically different - and you note there is a difference between makeup and makeup artistry. What tips would you offer to women on how to apply makeup to get a look that is light and fresh for summer, but that still looks polished and professional?

MK: Thank you for noticing that every woman can look dramatically different and still look fresh and natural with an unmade up look. And you are right, that is exactly what a great makeup artist can do. I try to get this point across to my students all the time.

It is not the perfect hue that matters as much as where it is applied. There are many tricks, tips and approaches that we teach in our classes.

Here is one example: It is more important to purchase a concealor to cover the darkness under your eyes, applying the concealor in the darkest deepest part of the dark circle, than it is to purchase 5,000 of the most beautiful eye shadows! Covering that part of you under eye area is the first step to enhancing your eyes. All of the eye shadow imaginable will not do it without softening and lifting the under eyes area first.

Simple Summer Looks for Teens

 Teens just need simple makeup.

LTK: Teens are also looking for a fresh look for the new season. You offer 'princess parties' for teens and young girls to get age-appropriate makeovers, as well as a special teen line of b natural products. Do you have any advice on what summer makeup works best for active teen and pre-teen girls?

MK: Yes, I am very passionate about teens and beginning their beauty routines.

First, before any makeup we always stress the best skin care for their particular type of skin. Some kids are still using soap because they are oily. We explain the difference between being oily and being moist and how it is good to be moist, and why a simple but great cleansing routine is crucial.

Then we get into the makeup. For the summer a bit of our bronze mosaic right over a little concealor is all they need. (No foundation). Our mosaic can also be used for a blush and then transformed into eye shadow. Like I said, we like to keep it simple at b natural cosmetics.

Summer Wedding Makeup

LTK: Your agency also does weddings and other events. Although bridal makeup artistry by your agency will last well throughout the wedding and reception, you also sell a wedding SOS kit that helps brides and attendants maintain their beautiful look. What exactly does the kit contain? Is a touch-up kit more important for summer weddings when the temperatures may be higher?

MK: First, let me mention that every event or wedding we do is on location, wherever the bride or client is getting ready. Our brides hire us because they want to look their most beautiful as they are saying their "I dos" and for hours after the party begins!

The only things our brides will need are some powder and lip gloss a few hours after our application. So, in our SOS package is just powder, brush and lip gloss. That's it, whether the temperature is hot or cold. Of course, those outdoor Florida weddings do have their unique challenges!

Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

 Don't forget your brows.

LTK: In your years of experience as a makeup artist and running your agency, what do you find is the most common problem or mistake women have in applying their makeup?


  • Wearing too much makeup
  • Not wearing any makeup
  • Not putting concealor in the right place
  • Not paying attention to their brows
  • Wearing blush that clashes with their lips color/ too much blush
  • Not using the correct moisturizer, eye cream and eye gel. How your prepare your face before the makeup is a huge part of a beautiful makeup.
  • Not knowing how to make their eyeliner crisp
  • Highlighting and contouring the face without being noticeable

B Natural Cosmetics

LTK: Why did you decide to create your own skin care and cosmetic line (b natural cosmetics) and what in particular makes your line stand out?

MK: Initially, I stumbled across an ad that offered a way for me to have my own line. While only in my early 20's my third love, business, began to emerge. Through my meetings with this company, I put together a line that I thought all women could appreciate. Way back, my products never tested on animals. It always had clean natural ingredients. From the beginning our products were meant to stand out through their great effects on the skin, for the smooth application of its creams, blushes, eyeliners and its lush gloss for a woman's lips. It stills sands out today for its simple approach, its great ingredients and its unfancy look.

About Marlene Kurland

After years as of training and managing for major cosmetic lines, Marlene Kurland established her own skin care and cosmetics line, b naturals. She utilized her skills as a makeup artist and manager for 13 years in her own salons, and currently owns and operates the Marlene Kurland Makeup Artist Agency.

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