Photo Examples of Women in Red Lipstick

Allure of Red Lipstick

Women wearing red lipstick sends the world a message. Bold, powerful, feminine and fierce; red lipstick adds just the right amount of drama and sex appeal to any outfit. Wearing red lipstick is uplifting and can easily boost confidence levels. When experimenting with red lipstick shades, search for a tone that flatters your skin. The most universally flattering shade of red is a balanced true red, with equal parts of red and blue pigments.

Red lips elude ladylike mystery.

Bold Lips

Play with an orange-red.

Create Balance

Balance bold and feminine with a strand of pearls.

Embrace your Red

Red headed gals were meant to wear red lips.

Glamourous Red Lipstick

Glamourous red lips look hot with smoky eyes.

Red Lipstick in Winter

Snow bunnies sizzle the slopes with red lips.

Sexy Red Lipstick

Red lips dress up a masculine cargo jacket and add some sex appeal. Whether dressing up for a night on the town or showing off your bold edge in the workplace, wearing red lipstick is a surefire way to show off your sultry, sexy side

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Photo Examples of Women in Red Lipstick