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Fresh From the Runway to Your Face

Runway-inspired makeup may seem impossible to try on your own, but some of the looks can be easily duplicated at home. Many runway looks can be toned down for everyday wear, while the more adventurous looks are great for special occasions.

Smoky Eye

A smoky eye is great for a night out on the town. If you're new to doing a smoky eye, here are some easy tips.

Invest in a quality eye primer such as one called High Voltage Eye Primer by Kat Von D. Using a primer will prevent your shadow from creasing.

Apply the primer to your eyelid. Next, use a dual smoky eye pencil like a Revlon ColorStay Smoky Shadow Stick.

Put the lightest color right beneath your brow bone, and on your eye lid.

Put the darkest color on your crease and on your lower lash line.

Use a fluffy brush to blend out the crease, and lower lash line creating a smoky effect.

Purple and Copper Eyes with Dark Lips

If you have hazel eyes like the model, remember to use purple eye shadow to compliment your eyes.

For this look, a deep purple eye shadow will be used on the entire eyelid and the lower lash line.

You will also need to apply a gold or copper toned eye shadow toward the inner eye. Use an E.L.F studio small precision brush, or one similar to it, so you can have more control of the color.

For the messy lips, use a deep color like Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in Black Cherry. Lightly dab it on your lips, mainly focusing on the middle, with little to no product on the outer edges of the bottom lip.

Accented Smoky Eye

Many fashion shows showcase models with jewels around the eye area to enhance eye makeup.

For this look, begin as you would any other smoky eye, but you're going to wing out and extend the darkest color to the tail of eyebrow. Apply a set of lashes and coat in mascara.

You're going to need to purchase a set of jewels that already have adhesive on the back. Any brand will do. Take a pair of tweezers and being to apply jewels starting under the eye. Follow the outline of the winged eye shadow, and continue above the eyebrow.

Raven Lips

There is nothing bolder than wearing a black lipstick.

The lips are the main focus here, so keep the face very neutral with only light contouring around the cheeks and temples.

Use a highlighting powder in the T-Zone area.

Try using the lightest color for highlighting, and the darkest color for contouring from the Sephora Collection MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour Trio.

For the lips, use a matte black lipstick. Matte finish lipsticks can dry out the lips, so be sure to moisturize them before applying the lipstick.

Bright Blue Eyes

Dramatic eye makeup is a signature runway characteristic. To get this ice princess look on the eyes, prepare the lids with a primer.

You're going to want to use a blue shadow with shimmer on the lid and a white or pearl shimmery shadow on the brow bone.

Line the top of the eyes, near the lash line, with a black eye liner. Be sure to wing out the ends.

Apply a loose glitter, like one from Sally Girl in the color Blue Lagoon, to the eyelids.

Add fake lashes, then apply mascara. Line the bottom lash line with white eyeliner to make the completed look pop.

White Eyebrows with Blue Eyes

Since eyebrows are typically the focal point for the face, coloring them white is sure to turn heads.

Fill the eyebrows in heavily with a white eye liner, following the normal shape of your brow.

As an optional step, you may want to clean the brows up with a concealer or foundation in your color. Simply apply the product to a makeup brush and go around the brows to define their shape.

Apply a white or silver eye shadow all over the eyelid and right below the brow bone. On the crease, use a deep blue eye shadow and blend out. On the outer 'v' only, apply jewels.

Apply a set of lashes in white to complete the look.

Unusual Eyebrows

When it comes to high fashion, there are no rules.

For these unusual set of eye brows, you're going to first fill them in with an eye pencil that is close in color to the brows. On the inner brows, extend the color to the inner part of the eye.

Place false lashes at the beginning of where your natural brows would start.

Lips with Bling

These jewel studded lips are not made for kissing, but they look stunning on the runway!

Red gems of any brand can be purchased from your local craft store or online from a retailer like Oriental Trading Company.

Start on a pair of moisturized lips. Line the lips with a red lip liner and apply a red lipstick. Apply a red lip gloss from a tube to the back of the hand.

Use a pair of tweezers to dip the gems into the gloss and apply to the lips. Apply gems from the outside of the lips first, working your way across in to fill in completely.

Another option is to use temporary lip tattoos. The Red Glitterati design from Violent Lips is similar to the one pictured.

Ombre Lips

Ombre lips were very popular in the 90s, and have since made a comeback on the runway. This technique is great for people who have small lips, because it gives the illusion of fuller lips.

For the glossy set of lips pictured here, start on moisturized lips. Thickly line the lips in a red lip pencil, such as Redd by M.A.C. Rub the lips together and fill in the middle of the lips with an orange lipstick. Apply a clear lip gloss to add shine.

Trendy Self-Expression

Wearing trendy runway makeup is a fun and creative way to express yourself. For more creative makeup ideas take a look at eyeliner design photos.

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