Pictures of Different Blue Eye Looks

Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes

Browsing pictures of makeup for blue eyes can provide color and design ideas to make your eyes stand out! While there are many different shades of blue eyes, certain color families can compliment blues better than others. From shadow to liner -- and even to mascara -- the right colors and makeup look can make your blue eyes go from fine to fantastic. Use these makeup looks as inspiration for your own ideas.

Blue Eyes: Softly Dramatic

Set off blue eyes beautifully by using eye shadow colors in the red and red brown family. To get this look, use a neutral eye shadow shade close to your skin tone for the base shadow, and a medium red brown shade for the crease color. Use black liner to line the upper lid and extend the line slightly outward. Use a very thin, smudged line of crease color below the lash line, and finish with black mascara.

Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes Makeup

Blue eye makeup is back, and yes, it can work for blue eyes. Although in general colors that contrast your eye color will compliment eyes most, there are exceptions, and since the blue eyes can vary so greatly in shade, don't make any color off limits until you've tried it. Blues and lavenders can work especially well for blonde haired, blue eyed gals. Tricks for keeping blue eye makeup from becoming a bad flashback to the past? Look for sophisticated shades, such as the deep blue the model in this photo is wearing, or keep use a light touch with bolder or richer blues. Build and blend to get achieve the look you wan without going overboard.

Smoky Makeup for Blue Eyes

The smoky eye look can be gorgeous on blue eyes. While you can do a smoky eye in virtually any color, grey and charcoal grey shadows can bring out the blue, and can also really compliment gorgeous grey blue eyes.

Adding silver shadow is another great addition to the smoky eye and is very dramatic for evening.

Taupe Eye Shadow

One of the most versatile eye shadow colors, and one that is extremely flattering to blue eyes is taupe. Taupe eye shadow can provide a very natural look. For a special occasion, taupe shimmer shadow can bring out the sparkle and really bring blue eyes to life.

Nude Shadow abd Black Liner

Although too much black liner can make eyes look drawn and tired, done right, a bit of black liner can make blue eyes (especially light colored blues and blue greys) pop! Try using a nude shadow and a thin line of liner under the eye to make them stand out. Apply a thin line along the top lash line as well and finish with two coats of mascara

Peach and Copper Eye Makeup

Peach, copper, and red brown eye shadow shades can look stunning on blue eyes. These shades work especially well for women with red, strawberry blonde, and warm brown hair shades.

Brown Shadow and Liner

Rich brown colors are another great choice for blue eyes. Brown shadow and liner can work for any shade of blue, from palest blue to deep sapphire. You can also create a natural or dramatic looks using browns, depending on application.

Fun Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

If you're ready to have some fun with your eye makeup, or go for an avant garde look, some colors you may want to try for blue eyes are:

  • purple
  • turquoise
  • pink or fuchsia
  • orange

Love Your Baby Blues

Whether you prefer a natural look or a more dramatic makeup style, don't be afraid to try new colors or a new makeup technique. Love your look and your beautiful blue eyes, and you're sure to shine! For more makeup tips for blue eyes, see:

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Pictures of Different Blue Eye Looks