Gallery of Makeup Colors for Hazel Eyes

Alluring Hazel Eyes

A gallery of makeup colors for hazel eyes can help you decide how to highlight your unique eye shade. Although hazel often refers to light brown an gold eye colors, it also encompasses green-gold, green-brown, and many other multi-faceted combinations of green, blue and brown in the eye. Hazel is also known as a 'chameleon' eye color, because the eyes often appear to change color. Clothing, hair color, and even makeup can help to bring out a certain hue in hazel eyes. See which makeup colors define your hazel eyes exactly how you want them!

Bring out the Gold

Hazel eyes often have gold glints in them, and this is a gorgeous aspect of the eyes to bring out. To bring out the gold, you can use dark shadows and liner to contrast, or use gold colored shadows and golden shimmer shades to put the focus on the golden highlights of the eyes.

For a unique and dramatic look, combine both a darker shadow with golden hued shadow like this model.

Blues Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are one of the most versatile eye colors when it comes to finding eye makeup colors, and blue makeup shades can provide a pleasing contrast to the brown hues in the eye. For those with hazel eyes that have touches of blue, blue eye makeup can also bring out that color. Try anything from the muted blues like this model wears to brighter, bolder blue shades to find what works for you.

Charcoal Shimmer

For another way to bring out the brown in your eyes, a charcoal eye makeup provides a strong contrast and creates a sexy eye. Use both above and below the eye for a dramatic look like this model, of use on upper lid and crease only for a more subtle look.

Pretty Pinks for Hazel Eyes

Another eye shadow shade that works well and harmonizes with hazel eyes is pink. Mauve and pale pink shades provide a softer, more natural look, while you can create a bolder evening or avant garde look with rich violet pinks and fuschias.

Green Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

To bring out the green hues in hazel eyes, green eye makeup can be stunning. Feeling playful? Opt for bright greens and yellows. Want a more serious or dramatic looks, try rich forest or emerald greens. Or, muted mossy colors are perfect for a natural look.

Natural Hazel Eye Makeup

A natural brown shadow is the perfect compliment to hazel eyes. It can be a subtle way to define the eyes without overpowering. Don't forget to curl lashes and use a good mascara, too, even if you're going for a natural look. A deep brown or black mascara defines the lashes and makes the eyes pop.

MAC Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes

One of the most popular makeup lines is MAC, and their eys shadows and pigments are especially coveted. Purples top the list of MAC eye shadow favorites for hazel eyes, but green, blue, brown and gold shades are also popular. Consider trying these MAC shades if you have hazel eyes: Nocturnelle, Cranberry, Satellite Dreams, Mulch, Woodwinked, Green Smoke, Freshwater, Humid, Sumptuous Olive, Sketch, and Trax.

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Gallery of Makeup Colors for Hazel Eyes