Choosing the Right Shade of Blush

Choosing the Right Blush

Choosing the right shade of blush needn't be difficult.

The trick is understanding the different tips that are available in the makeup world, and then of course, employing those tips.

The first tip? What shade are your cheeks naturally when you come in from the cold, or when you exercise? This is your natural shade of blush.

Here, we see a nice, gentle, and pretty flush that's almost equal parts of apricot and pink.

Shine On

To make choosing the right shade of blush easier, select a blush that reflects the undertone in your lips; this will be the perfect shade on your cheeks.

Here, that color is a warm, pink-caramel that blends in perfectly with the cheek.

Note too that this model went with a cream formula, as this tends to add luminosity to the skin.

Correct Application

Truth be told, blush can be applied in many different areas on the face to provide contrast, but the best placement is when it is applied on the very top of the cheekbones and on the apples of the cheek.

In terms of the correct shade, a burgundy undertone would work best here.

The Right Brush

The right brush can be every bit as important as the actual blush color.

That's because a firm, yet soft brush, will grab color and deposit it easily across the skin's surface.

Beautiful autumn tones mesh well with this model's skin.

Autumn Delight

Speaking of autumn, the orange tones in this model's blush blend perfectly with her equally fiery hair.

Not also that a pink blush would also suit this model because of her pale, pink lips.

Sultry Delight

The olive complexion of this model means that she can pull off a darker shade of blush like mauve, or a brown-based hue.

She could even use it as an effective bronzer is she were so inclined.

Shine with Confidence

This model has a slight orange undertone, so she can combat that in one of two ways.

The first is use a pink shade of blush, and the second is to use a browner shade; both would work great.

Gold Rush

This model is striking a great balance with her sun-kissed looks.

It would be very easy for her to go overboard and use a dark color to give a bronze glow.

However, that can sometimes lead to an orange-like effect. Instead, she reaches for a tone infused with gold. The results are terrific.

A Natural Glow

What a fantastic look!

Some women with darker tones make the mistake of believing that choosing the right shade of blush means going with darker colors, but that's simply not always the case.

Notice the pink undertones of this model's lips. This undertone means that she needs a blush with a distinctive pink undertone.

The key is not to go with a "bright" pink; instead go with a deeper one.

Tawny Delight

Equal parts of pink and brown make up the beautiful tawny look of this model.

Notice how the blush is not only tawny, but also has a slight purple undertone. Brilliant!

Now that you have an idea of the correct blush shade, check out our eye makeup models slideshow. It will help you decide the right eye makeup to go with that blush!

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Choosing the Right Shade of Blush