Beach Beauty

Long Summer Days

When the weather heats up, beach beauty makeup will help you look fabulous whatever you're doing.

If you spend a lot of time at the beach, by the pool, at garden parties or anywhere that calls for outdoor-friendly makeup, follow these tips to make sure your beach beauty shines through.

Just because it's hot outside doesn't mean you have to leave your lipstick at home, so find out how to make the most of your look, whether you're sunning or swimming.

A Light Hand

Where fall and winter call for stronger, more dramatic makeup colors, spring and summer are perfect for applying cosmetics with a light hand.

A natural look like this is a great complement to the outdoors.

Waterproof It!

If you plan on taking a dip, you can still apply eyeliner and mascara--just make sure they're waterproof.

Minimal Beach Beauty

Lightly defined eyes and a soft color on lips are enough to polish your look without overdoing it.

When choosing lip colors for outdoor wear, think shades like pink, peach, mauve, nude and rose.

Fresh Faced Beauty

This is a carefree look that you can accomplish with a little makeup. Brown eyeliner, mascara and a natural lip color are all you need.

The Focus Is on the Eyes

In this sultry look, the focus is on the eyes.

Pale, complementary eyeliner and mascara play up eyes, while a nearly nude shade of lipstick adds just a little touch of color to lips.

A More Dramatic Look

Again, the eyes are the focus.

This is a good look if you're not planning on getting wet at all, perfect for backyard barbeques that may last well into the night.

Take Along Lip Balm

If you want to skip lipstick altogether, just apply lip balm. That way, you can put on eye makeup at home and simply carry a balm, which is easy to store and reapply.

Your hands will be free for other things, like volleyballs!

Lip balm is also great for protecting your lips from the harsh sun.

Summertime Skin

Skip foundation if you're planning to spend the day outdoors.

Instead, try a tinted moisturizer on top of sunscreen. When your skin looks this good, you can keep makeup to a minimum.

Need more makeup inspiration? Try a beautiful eyes gallery.

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