Pictures of Smoky Eye Variations

Dramatically dark

Pictures of smoky eye makeup can help inspire new looks and also assist you in learning how to properly apply cosmetics to achieve this popular look. Smoky eye makeup can be applied in a variety of ways, including a dramatically dark style.

Combined with other striking shades of makeup, the results are memorable.

Pro Pictures of Smoky Eye Makeup

Professional photographers often work with makeup artists to create a smoky eyed look.

It looks exceptional in black and white photos.

Subtle Smokiness

Smoky eyes don't always have to involve a lot of heavy cosmetics.

Fair skinned women look great with a subtle brown liner and shadow smeared into a smoky style.

Complimentary Contrast

Smoky shadow and liner can help hazel eyes to "pop" in contrast.

It also can accentuate blond or light brown hair for a beautifully unique style.

Option of Color

While black and brown shades dominate the smoky look, sometimes a fun color such as a deep purple or blue can add a fun twist to this trend.

The Help of a Friend

Show a friend pictures of smoky eye makeup and then ask her to simulate the look for you if you're uncomfortable with applying the cosmetics yourself.

Fictional Beauty

Models in magazines often have a dark, dramatic look that is beautiful in print but often not realistic for everyday wear.

Model Perfect

Smoky eyes are gorgeous for an evening out when paired with accessories and a sleek hairstyle.

A Diverse Style

Ethnic faces do well with smoky makeup as well. Asian, African or Latina - there are cosmetics available to compliment your lovely skin tone and help you achieve beautiful eyes.

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Pictures of Smoky Eye Variations