Pictures of Prom Makeup Styles

The Feminine Touch

Viewing pictures of prom makeup styles is an excellent way to discover all the various makeup looks that are available out there for this very special night.

Even if you currently have a signature look, ramping up that look with a slightly heavier hand, will help you standout when taking photographs.

As you browse through these images, look most intently to the style that "speaks" to you; this could be the winner!

Whether it's playing up the eye or lips, one of these pictures are sure to inspire.

Dark and Sultry

Ramp up your dark looks with clean lines, and eyes that smolder in brown liner…who says brown has to be boring?

This up-do, lengthy lash, and strong brow proves otherwise! Notice also how the green of this model's gown really shows her skin to its best advantage.

You can do the same by choosing a gown that works brilliantly with your coloring.

Classic with a Twist

This is a classic up-do with the make up to match; the eyes are smoky, the lips strong. The twist here, of course, is the model's nose ring.

If you happen to have a face piercing, you can see there's no need to fear; the strength and femininity of your features will shine through!

Sweet and Innocent

Sweet and Innocent is accomplished with a light hand and minimal makeup, but make no mistake about it; the look is sweetly gorgeous.

Pictures of prom makeup styles that incorporate the innocent look, do so with shiny lips, and eye makeup that enhance, not detract, from the wearer's overall beauty.

The whimsical touch of a headband doesn't hurt either.

Pictures of Prom Makeup Styles

What makes this model stunning is her sense of style, fun and whimsy.

Remember, this is supposed to be a fun and playful night- one of magic and surprise.

Fairytale makeup of bold colors will brilliantly tell that tale for you.

Smolder with Beauty

Dark and lovely, these brown eyes shine so sweetly because they're played up to the hilt.

It's no apologies with these strong eyes and complimentary lips.

A graceful smile only adds to the beauty.

Green with Envy

Who says green's not an attractive color?

If you have eyes as big and as beautiful as this model's play them up even more with an appropriate shade of green eyeshadow- you'll be the belle of the ball.

Just bitten lips finish off the look just right.

Simply Stunning

Be simply stunning in simple makeup that magnifies your face's strengths while minimizing any and all flaws.

Get this look by first using a foundation and/or concealor to hide blemishes. From there, you don't have to be an eye makeup model to know it's time to break out the eyelash curler and to find a liner that matches your eyes exactly.

Top off the entire ensemble with a pearly, iridescent lipstick. Now, your camera ready!

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Pictures of Prom Makeup Styles