Six Minute Mommy Makeover: Interview
Debra Rubin-Roberts

Are you ready for a six minute mommy makeover? Busy moms can get a fresh look in just a few minutes, thanks to innovative products from Debra Rubin-Roberts' Mommy Makeup line.

Debra's Start in Makeup Artistry

LTK: Debra, you worked as a makeup artist for many years before starting your Mommy Makeup line. What first inspired you to make your career in makeup artistry?

Debra: Well, I sort of "fell" into makeup artistry by accident. I was a musical theatre major in college and I had to take stage makeup as part of my curriculum. I grew up with art, color and design around me, since my mother is an interior designer and my grandmother is a retired fur designer. My stage makeup teacher told me I had a natural knack for makeup and made me her protege. In addition to theatrical makeup she taught me how to do makeup for all other mediums as well. I was very lucky, she recognized my ability and helped me find my calling.

Get a Six Minute Mommy Makeover with Mommy Makeup!

The Kits

LTK: You came up with the idea for Mommy Makeup after the birth of your first daughter and recognized some of the obstacles moms face - time is at a premium, and moms don't have a lot of time for a ton of products! Your makeup kits solve that problem by allowing women to get a mommy makeover in just a few minutes. Can you tell us more about your kits and why they work so well?

Debra: Sure, there are 2 kits that give different looks Pretty-n-Polished and Out-the-Door. Both kits do the entire face from start to finish with only five or six multi-tasking products in six minutes or less. The colors are pre-selected based on skin tone so there is no guess work in trying to figure out what goes together. Both kits also include a "Paint by Number" Instructions and Face Chart for mistake-proof application every time. It's so easy -- if you can read, you can do your makeup.

Makeover Secret: Mommy's Little Helper Concealer

Skin tone chart

LTK: Both of your kits contain your Mommy's Little helper Concealer. Why is concealer so important in a beauty routine - and why should women avoid skipping that step? How does Mommy's Little Helper differ from other concealers on the market?

Debra: I think concealer is crucial to the face. It makes you look rested. Mommy's Little Helper Concealer (MLH) is different because of its unique texture and multi-tasking properties. It becomes one with the skin so it is never heavy or cakey looking. Because of this, it is best to apply it with the Camouflage 6 Pt. brush. Plus it's an eyeshadow base, under eye concealer and face cover up all in one product, so by itself it does the job of 3 ordinary makeup items.

Stay Put Makeup for Busy Moms

Debra Rubin-Roberts of
Stay Put Gel Eyeliner

LTK: A mom's daily activities can be pretty hard on her makeup, but you have some products designed with great staying power - like your Stay Put Gel Eyeliner and smudge-proof Any Wear Creme. Can you tell us more about why these two products are perfect for busy moms?

Debra: Stay Put Gel Eyeliner and Any Wear Creme are perfect for busy women - not just busy moms. Both products last and last, so no need to worry about smudges or touch ups.

Stay Put Gel Eyeliner does exactly what it's name says. . .it stays put! It's a waterproof, smudge-proof and long-wearing gel eyeliner truly lives up to its name! It lasts all day and into the late evening hours making it one of my favorite products. And it won't dry out in the jar either. For best results, dash on lashline with Taklon Pointed Definer Brush. Just be sure to clean the brush with eye makeup remover after use, and close the lid tightly.

Any Wear Creme is the ultimate 3-in-1 product! Designed to be worn on the eyes, cheeks and lips, this incredibly versatile creme dries to a budge-proof, smudge-proof and waterproof powder finish... so it's multi-task, it's a real time saver AND it stays in place!

From Soccer Mom to Glamour Girl: Instant Evening Makeup

Mineral Powder
Mineral Powder

LTK: Every mom wants to look her best for evenings out, special occasions, and holidays. What tips do you have that can help to take a mom from her day makeup to a more glamorous evening makeup look quickly?

Debra: Mommy Makeup has a few products that do just that very quickly. The first one that comes to mind is our Mineral Shimmer Powder. You can go from day to evening in just seconds by adding sheen and shimmer to the face! It's a pressed mineral powder with different colored stripes. You can use each stripe individually as eye shadow or blush or swirl the stripes together to create a glistening glow for the face and body. And like all of our mineral powders, Mineral Shimmer Powder is oil-free, talc-free, and fragrance-free.

Stay put Gel Eyeliner is also great for the times you want a more defined line on the eye and that works great for evening/holiday wear. Lastly, Mommy's Kisses lipliner and lipgloss together in one product! Glossy lips are great for evening and Mommy's Kisses are a fast and convenient. They are named after my daughter, Daisy, and her playmates! A rich color like Olivia or Ashley create instant evening glamour.

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At the time Debra responded to this interview, she had given birth to her second daughter just a few days earlier! LoveToKnow would like to offer a huge congratulations and thanks to Debra for sharing her insight and helping moms everywhere look and feel beautiful! For more information on Mommy Makeup, please visit official website at

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