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Shiseido cosmetics brand is a Japanese company that savors the traditions of Japan while also designing products for women from all nationalities.

About Shiseido Cosmetics

Yushin Fukulara founded the company, Shiseido, in 1872 as a western-style pharmacy in the country of Japan. Pronounced "She-Say-Due", the company's philosophy follows the Japanese beauty concept that true splendor arrives from a balance between sprit and form. This is similar to the modern concept of an inner beauty leading to an improved outer appearance. The Shiseido cosmetic's brand is renowned for their line of skincare, makeup and fragrance products.

Currently the fourth largest cosmetic company in the world, Shiseido cosmetics also publishes a widely circulation beauty advice magazine in Japan called Hanatsubaki. The cosmetic giant arrived in the United States in 1965 with a strong focus on customer service. Even today, you can walk up to any Shiseido counter nationwide and receive a complimentary hand and facial massage.

Research Driven

Like all highly successful cosmetic companies, the Shiseido Cosmetics Company is supported by a strong research organization. Through a join effort they created The Massachusetts General Hospital - Harvard Cutaneous Biology Research Center which is now one of the largest centers completely dedicated to dermalogical research in the United States. Through this partnership, Shiseido utilizes the entire center's findings, incorporating the specific research directly into their products' creation.With the mergence of Shiseido's Eastern philosophy roots and Western medical technology, the company presents a product line that is a true combination of art and science. The overall effect is to help maximize beauty in women of all races and ethnicities.

Makeup Products

The current highlighted makeup trend at Shiseido is designed by their new partnership with renown makeup artist Tom Pecheux. With over twenty years in the fashion makeup business, Tom is the leading innovator for The Makeup Collection at Shiseido. The look for this summer is designed around a trend to highlight the color gold. A makeup collection created to express an inner richness for the skin's appearance. A ritzy group of coordinated new and revamped makeup products are part of this collection.

Magazine Recommended

As a big name in the fashion scene, Shiseido products are often reviewed in the trendiest publications. The most recent enticing products publicized in the fashion magazine market in 2006 are:

  • Multi-Shade Enhancer:

A compact mix of five different bronzing shade powders to generate an instant makeup induced tan. By using a puff on all five shades, it creates a subtle, yet radiant, glow for your face, neck, shoulders and bodice.

  • Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow:

The Shiseido Makeup's version of a cream eye shadow that is applied with a smooth velvety texture, which in turn dries to a powder - long wearing and crease resistant. For those who like the more shimmery appearance of the powder shadow with the ease of application and long life of a cream.

  • Eyeliner Pencil Duo:

A two in one eyeliner pencil with one side dark and the other side pearly. Employ the dark color for a deeper smokey effect and the lighter color for highlighting. The pencil blends easily creating a more natural overall eye appearance.

Further Information

For more information on Shiseido cosmetics and the vast assortment of their product line, visit Once you're there, select your region in the bottom right corner of the home page.

Where to Buy

Ultimately the best place to buy Shiseido is directly from one of their makeup counters. For a location near you, visit the store locator at the bottom of their main page. If you are not fortunate enough to find a counter near you, some websites offer selected Shiseido products online:

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