Shimmer is perfect for makeup fantasy looks!

Shimmer is a great way to spice up your everyday appearance, or to give as a gift that any woman will love!

Sparkle and Shine

Body shimmer has faded in and out of popularity since the 1960s & 1970s where iridescent pink lip color and glittery eyes were at the height of fashion cool. However, lately its reputation has been much more stable as it comes out sparkling and shining in a variety of cosmetic products from lipstick to body butter.

Whether you are looking for some daytime fun or trying to add a special touch for a night out on the town, shimmer is a beautifully affordable way to get the job done.

Looking Pale?

Many of today's makeup contain iridescent ingredients inside of their formulas to help you look perky and gorgeous, even when you feel pale and tired. Shimmer foundation is a great way to get this look. If you are pregnant or nursing, your body goes through so many changes that you will feel like your skin needs a little pick-me-up. With a shimmer powder or foundation, you can look alert and alive, and heck even happy, despite the fact you were up with a baby until all hours of the night!

The same goes for weary college students during finals week, those who work in a cube all day long without any chance of seeing the sun, or anyone else who just needs to improve their appearance with a shimmering glow. These bases are subtle enough that it won't look as if you smeared glitter all over your face, but are noticeable enough that people will see a positive difference in your beauty.

Shimmer Me Up, Valentine

Whether it is nearing Valentine's Day or any other time of the year that calls for a little romance, the company All That Glitters© is ready to help you find the perfect gift. With their brush and glitter spray duo, you can get your body glowing and smelling great. In three different varieties, you will be left with the advantage when it comes to enticing the one you have your eye on!

[b] Sexy[/b] infuses clover, apple blossom and Clementine for an alluring, confident fragrance.

[b] Sweet[/b] is a great blend of mandarin, grapefruit and cucumber with an elusive, warm subtle fragrance.

[b] Sassy[/b] is composed of startling bergamot, water lotus and ivy. It's a bold, outgoing scent with attitude.

Shimmering from Nine to Five

While shimmer is fun and can add a special twist to your regular makeup routine, you of course want to remain conscientious about what is or isn't appropriate in the office. Luckily for makeup lovers everywhere, workplace dress codes are becoming more and more casual. However, even if you are allowed to wear a nice sweater as opposed to a business suit to work, less is still more when it comes to makeup, especially shimmer.

The fantastic website explains, add some of this fun stuff to your eye makeup with a highlight shade on your lids and a lower lash line shade. This technique will lift and brighten the appearance of your eyes.

Always avoid wearing iridescent blush and/or bronzers at work, as these are much more noticeable and make you look as if you can't wait to leave the office and go on vacation! Granted, this may be the truth, but you don't need to give that secret away.

Shine That Smile

Shimmer has also become very popular with lip color. Practically every makeup distributor has a sparkly line, one of the great ones being Clarins. Many people believe glittery lipstick would be "crunchy" feeling or uncomfortable in general. However, the Clarins line, as well as a multitude of others actually hydrates your lips and leaving them smoother and softer than ever before.

This is because it is used to create reflective color, making your lips shiny and kissable rather than sparkly and unnatural looking.

However you choose to use it, this growing trend is a fun addition to every girl's makeup collection. From a romantic winter evening to a fun, outdoorsy spring day, you are sure to find a product that works perfectly for you!

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