Shemale Beauty

Achieve a naturally glamorous look!

Flawless makeup, stunning hair and flattering clothes are all enticing topics when it comes to the subject of shemale beauty. The desire to achieve the glamorous look they've dreamed of is something any transsexual individual can relate to.

Understanding the Shemale Beauty Term

It's important to note that the term "shemale" is, in fact, considered derogatory among the transsexual community. The word is almost exclusively associated with the pornography industry and anti-gay and anti-transsexual activists.

It is considered rude slang, and is not a word embraced by the majority of the transsexual community. Therefore, shemale beauty might be one way of describing these tips, but they may be best considered transsexual beauty ideas ideal for any male who wishes to look his most feminine.

The Dreaded Five O'clock Shadow

Achieving an ultra-feminine look is no problem if you have the right tools at your disposal. One of the most important concerns is covering up that dreaded five o'clock shadow! Yes, it's annoying, but it doesn't have to be a constant problem. Thanks to the wonders of makeup and technology, there are a variety of solutions available to make that facial hair disappear.

An ultra-close shave is the first step in prepping your face for feminine perfection. If possible, locate a barber who will perform a close blade shave on your face. This process will result in one of the closest shaves imaginable! If that's not an option, gather a few tools and prepare for a little do-it-yourself project in the comfort of your own home. Remember that you'll need to let your beard grow out a bit in order to achieve an exceptionally close shave.

You'll need a rich hair conditioner and a fresh razor blade. The hair conditioner is an excellent alternative to shaving cream that many women use on their legs; it softens the hair and makes every shave cleaner and easier, with a much smoother end result. Be liberal when applying conditioner to your beard!

The key is to saturate the hair and make it easier to cut. Begin to shave, focusing on smooth, even, downward strokes. Next, shave upward against the beard's natural growth. Rinse off once you're done and apply some azulene oil to your face. This will help prevent razor burn and soothe any irritation.

Makeup Tips

The key to great makeup application is simply to have fun! Color is an extension of your personality and a great way to enhance your best features. Also important, of course, is to achieve as feminine a look as possible without drawing attention to any male characteristics that might otherwise be evident.

A Flawless Face

Don't overdo it! Your foundation sets the tone for the rest of your makeup. Choosing the right color is the most important thing you can do to insure a flawless look. Of course, choosing the right formula is tricky. A light foundation will inevitably provide weaker coverage and is likely reveal a beard's shadow, while a heavier foundation may appear caked on.

Invest in a beard cover cream that will conceal a lingering five o'clock shadow. Unfortunately, even the best shave in the world may not be effective for some people; individuals with dark hair in particular will benefit from cover cream. A favorite of the transsexual community is Dermablend. The brand's Cover Crème is available in a variety of colors.

Choose a shade one notch lower than the color you would normally choose for the rest of your face. Blend the crème into your beard area and wait several minutes for it to set. If you need to conceal any other shadows, now is the time to do so. Using a brush, apply a concealer to dark circles, the sides of the nose and underneath the lips as needed. Follow with your foundation of choice, blending carefully with a makeup sponge.

A translucent powder is the last step in completing the first phase. Use a powder brush to dust it over the entire face, taking care to blend downward (which follows the path of hair growth and keeps any stray hair visibility to a minimum).

Note: Not finding the right colors? Get a color match at your local Prescriptives cosmetic counter. The brand's Colorprint system is designed to choose colors that are perfect for your skin tone.


Tidy, groomed eyebrows are crucial. While many individuals choose to remove the brows completely and pencil in a new shape, others are interested in working with their existing brows. If that's the case, consider investing in a set of brow stencils. Eyebrowz offers a variety of brow stencils that can create everything from model-worthy shapes to down-to-earth, classic looks. No matter how thick, thin, long or straggly your current brows may be, you'll have no problem shaping them into a much more elegant look.


What's your best feature? The key is to focus on one specific asset and make it stand out for miles. Whether you're headed out for the day or ready to paint the town red all night, you can glam up with the appropriate colors in your arsenal.

  • Playing up those big eyes? Bring out their sparkle with a palette of flattering eye shadows and two generous coats of lengthening mascara. Use a shadow base to keep the color budge-proof. Don't forget to curl those lashes for extra drama!
  • Maybe it's your pout that really turns heads. Play up your full lips by applying a bold color, such as plum or red. Keep it sharp and clean. For a playful touch, add a hint of shimmery gold or champagne gloss.
  • There's nothing prettier - or more feminine - than a charming, girly flush. Achieve this with a little help from a deep cheek stain. Try Laura Mercier's Nectar cream blush for a natural, everyday flush. Add a dusting of bronzer on top to deepen the color without looking blotchy. Another great choice is Benefit's classic Benetint.
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