Natural Looking Foundation

Applying natural looking foundation

Three words that should never describe your makeup are thick, cakey, and unnatural. Unfortunately, even the most experienced beauty lovers encounter these problems from time to time. To achieve a flawless look that stands out, start with natural looking foundation.

Make Your Foundation Look Natural

Ideally, you want face products to cover imperfections, create an even tone, and look as natural as possible. The goal is to achieve a "your skin but better" kind of finish. To make that happen, it will require the right products and proper application.


The way you apply your foundation should vary based on the time you are heading out. For example, to achieve beautiful skin in the day, you need to factor in how products will appear in sunlight. Foundation application can be tricky during the daytime because natural light makes imperfections in both the skin and makeup application look more obvious.

For the most flawless finish possible, always make sure your foundation is a perfect match. A Self article on finding your foundation shade recommends testing your foundation near a well-lit window to ensure that it looks good whether you are inside or outside. Another option is to use a makeup mirror with lighting when applying face products. Many of these mirrors have light settings that mimic sunlight, which makes it easier to know what your foundation will look once you step outside.

Once you have a foundation that matches your skin color, you are ready to start the application process. Remember that less is more. Keep the finish natural by applying a thin layer rather than piling on a ton of product. To achieve gorgeous skin in the daytime:

  1. Reach for a lightweight oil-free liquid foundation and a foundation brush.
  2. Apply a small amount of product to the back of your hand.
  3. Use the brush to apply evenly on the skin.
  4. Continue until the foundation has been applied all over the face.


What looks picture perfect during the day may look a little too subdued once the sun goes down. When it comes to natural looking foundation at night, you can go a little heavier. A full coverage foundation, as opposed to light or medium, is suitable for dimmer lighting (and a wide array of evening activities) because the additional coverage creates a flawless canvas.

You can also make the look bolder by highlighting and contouring - or adding on bronzer for a healthy finish. When applying makeup for night time, it is advisable to go heavier with the rest of your products (from eye makeup to lip colors). This will ensure that your makeup looks good and remains visible in dark or low lighting. Before you reach for your foundation, always prepare the skin using products like face primers and moisturizers. These additional steps will make sure your full coverage foundation stays put and looks as natural as possible.

There are a few ways to apply foundation for the evening. For example, a foundation brush works well as does an airbrush machine, but the most convenient method involves the use of a beauty blender. To create perfect night out skin:

  1. Wet your beauty blender and squeeze out any excess moisture.
  2. Apply a full coverage foundation (like the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation) to the back of your hand or directly onto the sponge.
  3. To apply the foundation, stipple or bounce the larger side of the sponge all over the face.
  4. Use the smaller end to blend any hard to reach areas, like the under eyes.

Flawless Foundation From Season to Season

Nothing can disturb your foundation routine quite like a change in the weather. Certain seasons wreak havoc on the skin and as a result, make it difficult to achieve a foundation that looks natural. Not to worry! A few small changes will keep your skin looking great all year round.


Once springtime rolls around, it is a good idea to alter your foundation routine slightly. This will keep your makeup looking natural all season long. For skin that appears fresh and glowing, switch to a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer during the day. These products offer lighter coverage, look more natural, and still pack a punch.

BB Creams are an SPF, primer, and foundation all rolled into one, while a tinted moisturizer helps you achieve a more even complexion while keeping the skin hydrated. Choose the one that best suits your skin care needs.


There are many wonderful things about the warm summer months, but when it comes to makeup application, there are a few things to be mindful of in terms of your foundation. To make sure it looks as natural as possible, consider the following:

  • Staying Power: Once the temperatures start to soar, your makeup is more likely to shift. A Huffington Post article on how to stop your makeup from melting recommends choosing a foundation that suits your skin type. If you are dry, a cream foundation will work best while those on the oily side should reach for powder or mineral foundations.
  • Additional Products: Generally during the summer months, it is best to go lighter on your makeup. When it comes to your overall routine however, you may require some extra items. Make sure your foundation stays put and looks good by using a lightweight primer first - and set everything with a translucent oil-free powder.
  • Shade Selection: Nothing looks more unnatural than uneven color. Most people get a little darker in the summer and it is important that your foundation shades reflect that change. You cannot use the same foundation all year round and expect to achieve a natural and seamless finish, so be aware and choose something that effortlessly matches your summer shade.


During fall, you may notice that your complexion is a little underwhelming, and may even appear dull and lifeless. When this happens, it is a sign that your foundation routine needs some tweaking. A Good Housekeeping article on the causes of dull skin mentions the importance of drinking plenty of water and eating healthy. It is also important to pay attention to the products you are using.

If you tend to stick to matte foundation finishes, switch it up. Look for something with a little more glow for fall. You may also want to consider finishing your foundation routine with a setting spray like the Tatcha Dewy Skin Face Mist.


The moment the temperatures start to drop, your skin will let you know! Common issues related to the winter months are tightness and flakey patches. Applying makeup directly on top of dry skin instantly makes foundation appear obvious and unflattering. For a natural look, tackle dryness by:

  • Exfoliating Regularly: If exfoliation isn't part of your beauty routine already, it should be once winter rolls around. To remove dry skin, gently exfoliate each night with a washcloth or use a natural exfoliant a few times a week. This will make sure your foundation looks smooth and even when you apply it.
  • Take Time to Moisturize: Even the most luminous foundation cannot double as a moisturizer, so always take time to moisturize your face prior to application. It is also a good idea to incorporate multi-tasking products, like the Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer (a primer and moisturizer in one) for that extra boost of hydration.
  • Change Your Foundation Type: For gorgeous and natural looking makeup, be open to switching up your foundation. Something with a dewy finish is great during the winter months, along with cream products. These work to combat common winter skin concerns by keeping your face healthy and hydrated.

Enjoy Flawless Looking Skin All Year

Anyone can fake a fabulous complexion with the right products and a stellar skin care routine. Though your foundation needs may vary from time to time, slight modifications are sure to keep your foundation looking flawless. Gorgeous skin is in your future!

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