Sexy Lips

The right lipstick creates sexy lips.

Everyone dreams of having sexy lips that are ready for the kissing! Read on for tips as to how to get that perfect pout.

Kissable Perfection

Thin-lipped women all over the globe have admired Angelina Jolie's sexy and full lips, and have probably been a little envied and resentful as well. How does she get that supple smile? Rumors of cosmetic surgery mounted until baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt made her debut to the world last year sporting the same lip service as mom. So what is Angelina's secret? Genetics - unfortunately not something you really have much control over.

However, you can still enjoy perfectly kissable lips whether or not they ever graze Brad's, and you can still fake a plumped up pout if you weren't lucky enough to inherit one. One of the biggest things that you can do to keep your lips romantically soft and inviting is to take proper care of them. Nothing will replace the advantages of protecting them from the sun and being sure to use a protectant on a regular basis. Without this foundation in place, anything else that you buy and apply will not be able to work up to its full potential.

Ten Tips For Sexy lips

BBW Magazine recently gave readers the top 10 secrets to sexy lips, and the advice is probably simpler than you thought. The top trick is to be sure to exfoliate on a regular basis. At least once a week, smooth on some petroleum jelly and let it soak in and set for five minutes. Then, taking a toothbrush covered in warm water, brush your lips gently. This will work as a spa for your smile, making dry and dead skin history!

After exfoliating, consider using lip liner to accentuate your mouth after applying your lipstick. You probably went through your teenage years being taught to apply lip liner first - however it is much more effective as a follower to the main color, and will help you to avoid that unsightly line residue that liner is unfortunately famous for.

To plump up that pout, put a dot of sheer gold-hued lipstick on the middle of your bottom lip. Press your lips together and you get a fake collagen boost that will make your mouth more alluring and full of life.

Another piece of advice to remember is that lipstick is not for everyone. Some ladies can pull off sexy with just a hint of color. There are some great glosses out there that won't overpower your mouth while still giving you the look of sexy lips.

A unique trick in the quest for a renovated smile is often found in a little creativity. Don't be afraid to mix your glosses and lipsticks, creating a color that is copyright you and only you. Your friends may go mad trying to hunt it down in the store, but you will be sitting pretty with your creation enhancing your look and bringing you enviable style.

An oldie but goodie that you may have forgotten is you get much more mileage out of your lipstick when you don't apply it directly from the tube. Using a lip brush or other tool to apply will help you to have color longevity, in turn, extending the life of your sexy lips.

Using a lip liner one shade darker than your general lip color will help your mouth to stand out and give you a subtle, yet dramatic enhancement to your makeup.

Dark lipstick will help you to look seriously romantic and ready for love. Be sure to blot to avoid overkill. There is a fine line between beautiful and tacky when it comes to dark lip colors, so beware! However, if you do it right, you will look as if you were blessed with berry colored kissers.

A final tip for sexy lips is to remember to always keep your favorite gloss or balm on hand. Compulsive lip lickers will tell you that your lips will dry out quickly if you are constantly licking away. Using a medicated balm or gloss regularly throughout the day will help to protect your sexy lips and keep them going strong.

When These Tips Just Don't Do the Trick

Some gals are still battling shy lips, and have turned to lip plumpers to do the trick. But do they work? For some women they do. However, whether they work or not, everybody who uses them is going to really understand the old saying "pain is beauty" in a whole new way.

These plumpers work to sting or irritate your lips, thus causing them to swell up and look fuller. If you don't mind the burning sensation and don't have extremely sensitive skin, then this could be one way to achieve the sexy lips you've always dreamed of.

Another alternative is to receive lip injections of Restylane or other fillers that plump out your lips.

However, many women avoid harsh tactics and instead are enjoying the results of plumpers and traditional lip colors. Give these tips a try and get your sexy lips today!

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