Sexy Halloween Makeup Pics

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Sexy Halloween makeup pics can help you direct the type of makeup styles you'd like to have accompany your Halloween outfit.

Different Halloween looks call for different cosmetic applications. Sexy witches, ghosts, and fairies may want to ramp up their eye makeup, or use a heavier hand when applying red lipstick.

Additionally, don't forget about false eyelashes as they can add dramatic style.

The following makeup pictures should help you find the right makeup look for you.

Exotic Delight

You don't have to dress ghoulishly to look sexy on Halloween.

Exotic eye makeup and an attractive headdress in a complimentary color can easily get the job done.

Gothic Princess

Goth has and is back in a big way.

If you've always been intrigued by the look, but have yet to try it, why not debut the style on Halloween?

There may be no better night to do so!

More Sexy Halloween Makeup Pics

Devilishly sexy, horns have long been associated with Halloween.

Whether you decide to add horns in the color red or black depends on which shade compliments your skin tone, but either way, it's a captivating look!

Captivating Ghoul

If you do decide to go with a ghostly look, remember to think outside the box.

There's no need to wear a draped, billowy dress either- something more form fitting will look fantastic.

Additionally, "ice"-like makeup colors will only add to the ambience.

Pretty As a Peacock

In the mood to try something a little bit different?

Then skip the traditional getups and go for appliqués to get an exotic, yet gorgeous look.

Keep the motif going by paying special attention to the rest of you outfit- including your nails!

The Cat's Meow

Cats, like witches, have long been associated with Halloween.

The cat look can be made sexier than it appears here, but if you prefer a cut look, the mimic this model's style.

On the other hand, if you feel like making the look a bit sultrier, skip the hat and the added sheer fabric.

The Classic Witch's Brew

At the end of the day, however, the witch is the iconic image of Halloween, so it makes sense that many want to embody this look.

To do so, simply add accessories; it couldn't be any easier- or sexier!

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Sexy Halloween Makeup Pics