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Sexy Eye Makeup Looks

Modern, sexy eye makeup can give you a smoldering, playful, or approachable look. There are several methods you can use; but the contemporary smoky look is universally popular. A sexy smoky eye can be achieved by:

  • Applying a shadow base.
  • Applying a shade that matches your skin tone all over the lid and up to the brow.
  • Rimming the eyes with a kohl pencil in a deep shade and smudging it so that the line isn't precise.
  • Blending over the liner to just above the crease with a darker shadow shade, and shaping the outer corner into a hazy "V" shape.
  • Applying more liner, if desired, and setting the liner on the bottom with the dark shadow.
  • Finishing with a dramatic mascara.

Halo of Color

This is a twist on makeup from the 60s and 70s. Applying a halo of a light, bright color draws the focus to your eyes and shows off your playfully sexy side.

Choose a color that flatters your skin tone and eye color and apply it with a flat brush to the top lid and lower lash line. Then take a fluffy brush and diffuse the edges.

Hint of Gold

A hint of gold looks sexy on almost anyone. If you feel that your skin tones are too cool to pull it off, consider rose gold instead, which introduces a hint of pink to the yellow tones. Just a little on the lids will reflect light and make you seem carefree, approachable, and sexy. For extra drama, line the bottom with a smudgy blackened turquoise.

Slept-in Makeup

You don't actually have to sleep in your makeup to get the, "I rolled out of bed looking this hot" look. Use a kohl liner because it's the softest and won't lock into place on contact. Rim the eyes and smudge up and out with the tip of a cotton swab. Then top it off with a light dusting of the sheer powder eye shadow of your choice. If you find that you look tired, perk your eyes back up with a hint of shimmery pinkish-white at the inner corners and on the brow bone.

Naturally Sexy

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but natural eye makeup can be very sexy and is a popular trend (the 'nude' makeup look). It shows that you're confident and comfortable in your own skin, and highlights your best features. Get it by:

  • Applying a light toned shadow from lash line to brow.
  • Applying a slightly darker shadow in the crease.
  • Tightlining your upper lash line (the bottom lash line is optional and the result will be less natural in appearance).
  • Curling your lashes.
  • Applying lengthening mascara.

Lightly Smoky

If you want a little smokiness that's appropriate for more occasions than the typical rich, dark smoky eye, you can smoke the outer edges out. This will also make your eyes look further apart, so if you have close-set eyes, you'll love it.

  • Apply the shadow base and skin tone color from the lash line to the brow and draw a wedge shape with a darker shade that follows along the outer half of the lash line, then angles toward the brow at the outer corner.
  • Draw another faint line with your shadow from the middle of the lid up and out, toward the arch of the brow. Stop the color in or just above the crease. Fill in the shape and blend so that the lines are no longer visible.
  • Trace the outer half of the bottom lash line with the darker color, too.

Romantic Pink and Purple Look

Pink and purple, when used just right, can create a sexy, yet romantic and playful vibe that's perfect for a date night. Shade the inner half of the lid with pink and the outer half with purple. Color in the bottom half of the lower lash line with purple and finish up with a thin line of black liner and a lengthening mascara.

Dramatic Arabic-Inspired Makeup

Arabic-inspired makeup is undeniably sexy and not for the faint of heart or those with shaky hands. The drama in Middle Eastern makeup styles comes from bright colors, a "cut crease" technique, and precise liner placement.

Apply a light, shimmery color to the lid. With a pencil brush, apply a dark, heavily pigmented color along the crease and flick it up at the outer corner, extending almost to the tip of the brow. With a fluffy brush, diffuse just the top of that line (you may have to add more color), brushing it up and out but leaving the harsh edge of that line in the crease. To get that crisp edge, applying a piece of tape at an angle from the outer corner of the eye to the tip of the brow before makeup application may help.

Draw a line along the bottom lashes with the same dark color or a lighter one. Connect it with the shadow that angles out and away from the eye on the top, making sure to keep that edge sharp.

With a black liquid or gel liner, follow the top lash line. Flick the black line up along the edge of the shadow you created. With a lighter pressure (and possibly a brush with a smaller tip), dip the liner down along the inner corner, forming a point that's lower than the inner corner of the eye, close to the side of the nose. Line the lower lash line in the same way, connecting the ends with the tips of the liner on top. Set with matching shadow.

From natural to dramatic, choose the sexy, modern eye look that works for you.

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Photos of Modern Sexy Eye Makeup