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When it comes to enticing, nothing beats a perfect sexy evening perfume. Whether you're going out - or staying in --there's a whole world of sexy scent waiting to be explored.

What Makes a Perfume Sexy?

What exactly deems a perfume sexy, anyway? When it comes to fragrances, there are certain characteristics that make a perfume considered more of an evening perfume, more sexy. Evening scents, for example, are often heavier that those fragrances intended for day wear. Although today's perfumers create increasingly unique and unexpected scent combinations, evening fragrances tend to have different types of scents from their day counterparts. Sexy perfumes for evening might include notes of:

  • Musk
  • Sandalwood
  • Chocolate
  • Sweet florals (rose, gardenia, lily)
  • Fruit (especially berry and peach scents)
  • Spicy Orientals, like nutmeg and patchouli

Perfumes and Attraction

Human pheromone theories and the concept of scent as an aphrodisiac in humans may not have full fledged support of the scientific community, but that's hardly stopped the quest (and marketing) of perfumes as attraction-inducers. Whether or not perfumes can really have the power to attract in and of themselves might be debatable, but perfumes created to be sexy often give the wearer confidence and make him or her feel more attractive overall - and that confidence certainly plays a part in attraction (in short, confidence is sexy!). The fact that a man or woman wears a certain perfume also communicates unsaid messages and creates intrigue, which can also play a part in increasing attraction. A scent with a warm, familiar base may make even a member of the opposite sex fee more relaxed and reserved.

Shopping for Sexy Perfumes

You may wear it in the evening, but shop for a sexy perfume in the morning. You will better discern the notes before your nose is bombarded with other smells from the day. If you have a significant other, also be aware of his or her preferences. Ask if you're not sure, or take him or her along and make a date of it. Or, if you are single, consider asking a few friends of the opposite sex what they like in a fragrance on someone.

Similarly, when buying perfumes as a gift, be aware of the recipient's likes, dislikes, and general personality. For example, for a woman that loves outdoorsy, natural scents, a clean water based scent might be sexy to her; while a fashion-forward gal might prefer a sexy scent with a contemporary combination like fruit and chocolate notes.

Popular Sexy Evening Perfumes

The range of sexy perfumes varies dramatically, in part because of the different definitions of the term sexy itself. For some, a crisp clean scent is sexy, while for others, a rich sweet musk is the only way to go for romance. The scent you choose might also depend on the occasion and what kind of impression you want to make, whether dramatic or subtle. Many perfumes have an understated sexiness, which can be appropriate for many occasions and is more versatile than a blatantly sexy scent.

Some top contenders for sexy evening perfumes include:

For Women

  • Agent Provocateur
  • Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein
  • Poison by Christian Dior
  • Coco Perfume by Chanel
  • Princess by Vera Wang
  • Sexy for Women by Carolina Herrera
  • Dolce & Gabbana's Perfume Pour Femme

For Men

  • Xeryus Rouge Cologne by Givenchy
  • Diavolo for Men by Antonio Banderas
  • Gucci Pour Homme II
  • 212 Sexy Man by Carolina Herrera
  • Black for Men by Kenneth Cole
  • Curve Cologne

Tips for Wearing

  • To make your perfume even sexier, layer it with a similarly scented body wash or lotion.
  • If you typically just apply perfume to your pulse points, dab the perfume in an unexpected place for a sexy surprise.
  • For sweet smelling hair, place a drop or two of scent along the hairline a the back of the neck.
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