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The different Selena Gomez makeup looks showcase the various ways this young star uses cosmetics to play up her natural beauty.

Here, the star keeps her look deceptively simple with expertly lined eyes and a neutral, nude mouth.

To obtain a similar look, line eye sin a deep hue, taking special care to keep the liner as close as possible to the lashes. Use a slivery eyeshadow on the lower lids of the eyes, and a slightly warm tone, like cement, on the top of the lid.

Finish with several coats of mascara and pair with a nude lipstick.

Coral Delight

This is a lovely look for a warm summer day. Selena uses coral shades of the same family to achieve a warm glow.

Salmon colored eyeshadow, a peachy blush, and coral colored lips, topped with a bit of clear gloss, will yield you similar results.

Simple, Yet Polished

For events where you need to appear polished, take a cue from Ms. Gomez and keep your look simple.

Dark brown eyeliner, a light colored shadow, applied just under the brow, and your favorite lipstick color is all you'll need to pull of this look.

Fresh Faced Beauty

Beauty like Selena's needs no artifice to look terrific.

This time, skip the eyesahdow, apply a bit of eyeliner, and couple that with a semi matte lipstick.

A few swipes of apricot blush and your look is complete.

Bold Lip and Frock

When wearing a bold colored dress, there's no reason to downplay your makeup.

Note that Selena's eyes are quite "clean", not smoky, so to achieve a similar effect, opt for a gel, not pencil, liner.

A light chestnut colored eyeshadow under the brow and a sweet, popsicle-colored lipstick keeps this look beautiful, yet approachable.

Peach Perfection

Peach shades like Selena's lipstick, cheeks and eyes will give you that rosy, fresh faced glow, but you'll want to apply a bit of brown eyeliner, just to keep your eyes from "fading" out.

Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes, as Selena well knows, is a scene stealer no matter where you happen to go.

This look is easily accomplished by using a combination of black liner, and lilac eyeshadow. Simply line your eyes with the darkest color in your palette, and sweep your shadow all throughout your eyelid, extending the color slightly past your eye. Mascara and glossy pink lips completes this look.

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Selena Gomez Makeup Looks