Eight Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is the time to play!

It's amazing what the addition of a little makeup can do. The most beautiful women in the world can be transformed into all manner of horrific characters; from lunatics in slasher flicks to victims of brow-raising accidents, these characters are almost frightening in their realism. Of course, no costume in the world can make a person look terrifying all on its own. Every memorable Halloween costume has benefited from the use of creative makeup application. Look your ghoulish best this year by using some scary Halloween makeup ideas as part of your costume.

Eight Scary Makeup Looks for Halloween


The world of Halloween makeup is surprisingly vast. While face paint is probably considered the most common product, the truth is that hundreds of different items are available. Amazing arrays of colors, enormous selections of materials (including gels, powders, pastes, creams and liquids) and extremely unexpected offerings are just part of what makes Halloween makeup so unique.

It takes a brave soul to drive a fake stake through her heart! With the creative use of props and makeup, however, anyone can make it look real. Here are some scary Halloween makeup ideas to get your holiday started right:

  1. Stake Out: How's this for gruesome? Drive a faux stake through the chest with a prosthetic piece. It stays in place with a special cosmetic adhesive formulated for sticking theatrical elements (such as hair, skin and faux body parts) to the skin.
  2. Demonized: Hide your usually-gorgeous locks and lovely skin behind a demonic face. A demon look is achieved with the help of a color cosmetic tray, translucent powder, adhesive and several prosthetic pieces.
  3. Elvira: Achieve the Mistress of the Dark's dark, femme fatale features with porcelain foundation, plenty of black eye makeup to create the perfect cat eye, thick and spiked false eyelashes and blood red lipstick. Don't forget the long black wig!
  4. Vampiress: A female vampire might flaunt a frightening facade, but she's definitely got some sex appeal, too. Vamp up the vixen look with shades of eggplant and silver eye makeup, fake blood dripping from an ultra-glossy red mouth and a sultry, colorful wig.
  5. Dark Fairy: She's not leaving quarters under pillows, that's for sure. The dark fairy haunts the night as she flutters about town with dangerously black or deep purple lips, heavily smoked eyes and absolutely flawless, porcelain skin. A wing tattoo is penciled in (with a heavy black liner, of course) over one eye.
  6. The Walking Dead: Zombies costumes rely mostly on tattered rags and special effects makeup. First, white face paint should be applied liberally prior to any other cosmetic application. Also cover your arms, hands and legs, should these body parts be visible in your costume. Black cream or powder makeup should be worked into the crevices of the face to mimic recessed and aged skin. Blend a black eye shadow on the eyelids, the forehead and onto the cheekbones to create realistic shading. Add depth and definition with a black kohl pencil eyeliner. Apply fake red blood that drips from your forehead or mouth with red lipstick or red gel.
  7. Ice Queen: This frosty lady looks a bit like a frozen Jack Nicholson in The Shining. She glows in shades of icy blue and silver, causing those around her to practically shiver in fear. Her frosty features are enhanced by faux ice crystals, icy powder, demonic fangs and a "frozen" wig.
  8. Devilish: A hot-lipped devil heats things up wherever she goes. This look demands fierce black-red lipstick, faux eyelashes, plenty of smoky eye shadow and, of course, horns and a pitchfork!

Where to Purchase Halloween Makeup

Though you might be able to achieve your desired look with the help of traditional cosmetics found in stores, you're more likely to find the most appropriate products at a retailer specializing in Halloween apparel and accessories. The following online outlets carry a vast selection of products to make your scary Halloween makeup ideas come to life:

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Eight Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas