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Saloon girl makeup is easy to do with the right tools. If you're thinking of dressing up as a saloon girl this Halloween, read on for some good tips!

How to Create Saloon Girl Makeup

Saloon girls of 19th century old Western cities were adorned to appease the wants of lustful men. Clothed in scandalous ruffled skirts and low cut risqué bodices, these women were not lacking in sex-appeal. Their seductive makeup was especially daring for the times, earning them the title of "painted ladies." Below are some steps to help you achieve their vintage look.


The eyes of a saloon girl must allure and enchant. Using a few shadows, liner, and false lashes, you can create the captivating eyes necessary to be a saloon girl. Gather together the following:

  1. Eye base/primer - neutral or lighter than neutral in tone
  2. Shimmery white eye shadow
  3. Medium-brown matte eye shadow
  4. Matte white shadow (for highlighting)
  5. Black eyeliner
  6. Soft, dense eye shader brush
  7. Blending brush for eyes
  8. Dramatic, thick false eyelashes and eyelash adhesive
  • First apply the eye base coat on your eyes. A base (or primer) will ensure that your shadow will set well and the colors will last.
  • Then, using your soft eye shader brush, apply the shimmery white eye shadow of your choice on the entire lid of the eye up to the crease. Create a sheer wash of color, patting and blending till the shadow is satisfactorily smooth. Repeat on the opposite eye.
  • Next move into the crease of your eye with your blending brush and matte brown shadow. Simply blend on the color in a circular motion, creating a contour to help better define the eye shape and makeup. Repeat this on the opposite eye, along the crease again.
  • Apply the white matte highlighter shadow of your choice above the crease on the brow bone, right below your eyebrows. You should simply highlight the outer half of your brow bone to create a highlighted sculpted eye. In other words, from the outer end of your eyebrow to the highest arching point - that is where you follow along on the brow bone with highlight color. This will also accentuate your eyebrow shape.
  • Now that you're wearing blended shadows, go ahead and apply black eyeliner in a medium-thick line on your upper lash line. Then proceed to draw a thinner line on your lower lash line, from the outer corner of your eye up till about one third in. If your eyeliner is a pencil form, you can also draw in some black liner on the actual water line. (If it is not comfortable for you to do this, simply skip the water-line.) Use the black eyeliner to be as bold and outstanding as you like! You can create angled cat-eyes or simply line in a Marilyn Monroe fashion. It's your choice. You can always play around here to decorate and exaggerate your eyes.

Cheeks and Lips

red cosmetics

Saloon girls presented themselves in a lot of sultry, seductive red. This was apparent in both attire and makeup. When creating this look, be sure to embellish your face with rouge. Use a red lipstick or lip stain of your choice. Bear in mind that red lipsticks generally come in either an orange-base or a blue-base. An orange-based red will create a fresher more vibrant look, whereas blue-based reds are darker and cooler. Create the appearance of flushed cheeks with a nice pink blush, or even a combination of blushes.

Have Fun with the Look

When it comes to saloon girl makeup, you can always be bold with color choice. Mix and match colors of your own preference. If the eye shadows listed above don't meet your fancy, pick ones that do! Throw in glitter if you'd like. Also, make sure your hair style enhances your look. Throw a flower in your hair and let it be a bit disheveled. After all, you're representing the Wild West!

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