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Sally Beauty Supply store

Whether you're a seasoned hairstylist needing a pair of new thinning shears or a consumer looking for a new China Glaze nail polish, Sally Beauty Supply Store can meet your needs. They carry all kinds of beauty supplies and accessories. You can find stud earrings for under $4, and both reading and sunglasses for around $10. They also have edgy products like Manic Panic for the brave at-home colorists who want to release their inner rebel.

My Experiences


At the beginning of cosmetology school I entered the store for the first time with my laundry list of supplies. As excited as I was, I felt overwhelmed and didn't know where to start. One of the associates walked over to help me immediately.

The store was well-organized, which helped me get acquainted quickly. Some beauty supply stores can be extremely cluttered making it difficult to find products easily, so I noticed right away that Sally excelled in this area.


I loved that I was able to get in one trip over 90 percent of what was on my supply list. Sally's has everything from the usual spray bottles, cotton balls and .99 manicure brushes to less easy-to-find items like Marcel irons, capes and appointment organizers. They even sell salon equipment and makeup brushes.

Great Customer Service

I took a trip recently to pick up a replacement blow dryer attachment, but I had to return it because it wasn't the right fit. The return process was easy and painless. The lines are fairly short, and the associates work quickly to check-out patrons in a timely fashion. Some customers on Yelp were able to receive the same great customer service as I did.

Tips for Savings

Beauty Club Savings Card

Consumers can enjoy the benefits of the Beauty Club Member Card. There is a $5 annual fee to join and if you don't save the cost of your membership fee by using the card, Sally's offers to pay your next fee for you.

Upon spending $25 each month, you are eligible to receive a 15 % discount. Each time you renew your card, you can also receive free products for doing so. Once you have registered with Sally's, you will begin to receive their sales flyers in the mail or through email. The card can be used in person or online.

Professional Savings Cards

Sally's also offers special discount programs for beauty school students and professional cosmetologists. I have participated in both of these programs, and found them to provide great savings opportunities.

  • Beauty Student Card: The first card I received was the Beauty Student Card, which is free to all students in cosmetology school. I was happy to discover that students are able to take advantage of additional savings that are exclusively for students and professionals.
  • Pro Preferred Member Card: After I received my license, I was able to upgrade to the Pro Preferred Member Card to continue enjoying discounts.

These cards can also be used in-store and online.

Finding Sale Items

Sally's frequently marks down items, so you can often find great deals in the store.

  • Much of the time, sale items are left in their normal locations. For instance, sale priced blow dryers will still be in the same location as the full priced dryers on the shelves.
  • Smaller items on sale like polishes, or eye shadows are housed in multiple containers located on the counter near the register.
  • Look out for color-coated "reduced" tags that are red and white, sale items which are blue and green, and the "compare and save" tags which are white and yellow.
  • Also keep a watch for "buy two get one free" signs, though you should be sure to examine the sign closely so you can see when the deal expires.

Comparisons to Other Beauty Supply Stores

Although I frequent Sally's more often, I also pick up my goods from other beauty supply stores such as Ulta, Sephora or the locally-owned hair supply stores in my area.

  • Hair Extensions: With the local hair stores, I must say in terms of buying extensions, they do have Sally's prices beat. The local hair supply stores carry a larger variety of brands like Model Model, Milky Way and Silhouette. For a beauty on a budget, paying $109.99 for only one pack of Satin Strands human hair at Sally's can be a bit steep when she can buy two packs of human hair for the same price at the local hair supply store.
  • Heating Tools: As for purchasing heating tools like flat irons and blow dryers, I would recommend buying them from either Ulta or Sally's. Both have competitive prices and a nice assortment of brands to choose from. You're going to be able to purchase quality items without going broke. You'll likely save more if you purchase them from Sally's because of the constant markdowns and your discount cards.
  • Cosmetics: I do favor Ulta and Sephora more than Sally's when it concerns cosmetics. Sally's makeup selection, although nice, is extremely limited. If you're a makeup junkie, you may leave with only a few hidden gems. They only carry a few select brands that do not cater to all skin tones and types. If one is okay with sample sizes, Sally's has their own self-titled brand of makeup that is only 99 cents per item. They make lip gloss, lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish and glitter, which are cute gift ideas.

A Good Option

Whether you have fine or coarse hair, Sally's has done a great job of carrying diverse products. If you're looking for sulfate and silicone-free products they have those as well. If you like to spoil yourself with at-home manicures and pedicures, here is the place to get your items. Sally's may not have everything you need, but they do have most of it.

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Sally Beauty Supply Shopping Experience