Eye Makeup Photos Straight From the Runway

Exciting Runway Eye Makeup


Ranging from highly artistic and unusual to sophisticated and subtle, runway eye makeup looks can provide new ideas for playing up your eyes.

Although some runway eye art won't work for everyday, toning down a style from the catwalk often allows it to work in the real world.

Take a cue from these fashion models' makeup, and don't be afraid to experiment with color, design, and application for an innovative eye look that's all your own.

Sharp and Smoky


The smoky eye is an old standby in the beauty industry, but there are an unlimited number of ways to get creative with this seductive eye makeup style.

Here, the clean shape contrasts with the dark smokiness for an intense effect.

Artistic Lashes


Long, gorgeous lashes are another popular makeup look for the runway.

Although mile-long false lashes are often used, designers are also getting more creative when it comes to dressing up the eylelashes.

A bright color on the lashes and a splattered eye makeup effect is whimisical and playful and yet a little rebellious.

Bold, Colorful, and Sexy Eyes


A creative blue and purple eye makeup look is bold and sexy.

To re-create this look for a party or special event, use a medium or dark shade iridescent eyeliner to line the eyes on top and bottom, and a lighter shade of a complementary color on the inner corners.

Creative Eyeliner


Getting fresh eyeliner inspirations is always fun.

A sweeping line of color draws the eye upward and makes the eyes appear large and open.

Runway secret: Notice here the model pulls off a very playful eyeliner look without looking clownish because the clothing is more subdued.

Wide-Eyed Makeup Look


The gorgeous smoky look here done in plum-colors also has the advantage of making the model's eyes appear wider apart.

To re-create a wide-eyed look, start shadow and liner application at the center of the eye and move outward.

Subtle Runway Eyes


Not every runway eye look is dramatic. Depending on the designer and the theme of the fashion show, the look might be more simplistic or subtle.

This Louis Vuitton model's look is one example; her eyes are enhanced for the runway by a natural shade of eye shadow, curled lashes and a medium mascara shade.

Eyes That Pop


Top makeup designers know that using an eyeshadow hue that contrasts with the model's eye color really makes them pop.

You don't have to go ultra-intense with a contrasting color like the runway models, though. Choose a toned-down shade that is opposite your eye color on the color wheel for eyes that stand out beautifully.

Soft and Sophisticated Eyes


Soft and sophisticated eye makeup, like the look shown here from Blugirl, is one runway style that easily translates to every day.

Choose liner and shadow that complement your eye color and use a soft hand with the rest of your makeup to let your eyes stand out.

Striking Brows


You may not think of eyebrows when you think of eye makeup, but this can be a huge part of your overall look.

Striking brows, as shown on this model, can really draw attention to the eyes. With brows as dark and striking as these, minimal eye makeup is needed to emphasize the eyes.

From bold to subtle, the catwalk can provide plenty of ideas for eye makeup. For even more runway inspiration, see crazy runway makeup looks.

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Eye Makeup Photos Straight From the Runway